Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EcoSphere?

EcoSphere products create clean, safe environments to protect you and your family's well-being for healthier home living.


2. What is EcoSphere Water Purifier and what does it do?

EcoSphere Water Purifier is a high-tech device that plugs right into your home faucet. Using innovative ultra purification technology, the purifier makes regular tap water incredibly clean and safe so that you can drink healthy. Protect your health with clean, safe water—free from everyday toxins, contaminants, and pathogens.


3. What is ultrafiltration and is it better than microfiltration?

Ultrafiltration is a step above microfiltration, which is what you would get with just a carbon block system. The EcoSphere Water Purifier qualifies as an ultrafiltration device because it includes a special PES membrane used in conjunction with compressed carbon block technology.


4. Where should I place the EcoSphere Water Purifier?

The device’s sleek, clean, and premium design means it looks amazing right on your countertop. As long as you have access to your faucet and an electrical outlet nearby, you can place the EcoSphere Water Purifier anywhere in your home.


5. Are there any restrictions to how I use the EcoSphere Water Purifier?

Do not place your purifier on its side or upside down.

Do not twist any cords or hoses as this may cause your purifier to function incorrectly. The EcoSphere Water Purifier is intended for indoor use with a municipal water source and should not be placed in direct sunlight, stored in uncommonly hot/cold areas, or immersed in any kind of liquid.


6. Can I use purified water for anything other than consumption?

The water collected using the EcoSphere Water Purifier is safe for any use, from drinking and cooking to bathing and cleaning. Whenever you need water that is clean and safe, look to your EcoSphere Water Purifier.


7. How often should I replace the 3in1 cartridge?

The LED indicators on your device will inform you when your 3in1 cartridge's life cycle is nearing its end and when your 3in1 cartridge's life cycle has expired. See your user manual for more details on these specific LED indicators. The average replacement cycle is 12 months, depending on water quality from municipal water source. You can order new 3in1 cartridges at your local Nu Skin Distributor Center or online at Learn more and buy your replacement cartridge here.


8. How do I change the 3in1 cartridge?

To replace the 3in1 cartridge, simply twist the top of the old cartridge approximately 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and lift it out. Slide the new cartridge in, press down slightly, and rotate it clockwise until the small dot on the cartridge lines up with the lock icon on the EcoSphere Water Purifier. No special tools are necessary and the entire process takes only seconds. Learn more and buy your replacement cartridge here.


9. Do I need to replace the UV lamp?

The UV lamp is built into the device and is designed to run effectively without requiring any periodic replacement.



For any further enquiries, please contact your local Nu Skin office over here




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