From its founding more than 35 years ago, Nu Skin Enterprises' mission has been to improve people's lives — through rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an uplifting and enriching culture.


In a 1993 convention speech, Blake Roney, chairman and co-founder of Nu Skin Enterprises, used the phrase force for good as he shared his vision of how he wanted the company, its distributors, and employees to be known around the world. This phrase articulated the company's values and has become the central theme of the company's overall mission and philanthropic efforts.


The original force for good campaign was introduced in conjunction with the Nu Skin Epoch product line in 1996. This unique brand of skin and hair care products was developed in partnership with the world's leading ethnobotanists — scientists who study the relationship between plants and indigenous cultures. A donation of 25 cents from the sale of each Epoch product was directed to preserve the environments, languages, lifestyles and traditions of indigenous people around the world.


Not long after, Nu Skin Enterprises saw the need to formalize its philanthropic endeavors by creating an official foundation. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation was chartered to emphasize support for children, and continued to be funded from Nu Skin Epoch product donations.


From its first project to support the traditions and environment of families living in the Falealupo village in Western Samoa to the now hundreds of humanitarian projects supported in more than 50 markets, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is committed to making a difference for thousands, if not millions, of children for generations to come.


Nu Skin Enterprises provides for all overhead and administrative costs of the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, ensuring that all donations go directly to those receiving aid.


The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is based in Provo, Utah and is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States.