ageLOC® TR90® Transform Your Life in 90 days Program

ageLOC® TR90® Transform Your Life in 90 days Program

Via the TR90® program’s unique formulae, together with a healthy eating habit and physical exercises, you can reset a totally different attitude towards life. 


Eating Plan

Choose a diverse range of food to maintain a balanced nutrition

•Stick to the 3333+ eating principle

•Stop at red, go at green and cautious at yellow

• Definition of Green Light food category: Sufficient nutrients can facilitate a better health. Food that belongs to this category is mainly fresh, natural, and original. Calories, oil and sugar levels are relatively low.

  • Definition of Yellow Light food category: Nutritional, average calorie level, oil and sugar level slightly high.
  • Definition of Red Light food category: Low nutritional value, high calorie, oil and sugar level.  



Appropriate amount of stretching and exercising can improve your metabolism, allowing you to lead a new anti-aging life. It is recommended to exercise for 30 minutes per time, 3 times per week.