ageLOC® Y-Span® Testimonials




“It didn’t take long for me to start feeling a difference from ageLOC Y-Span. I felt more alert with more energy when I awoke in the morning. I also felt more energy to get active. I started running again and returning to the gym with my routines increasing. But the best feeling was the recovery – I wasn’t hurting as much after exercising. It’s a great product.”

Graham Hey, NZ




Karen Millers



“After taking ageLOC Y-Span, I felt improved blood circulation to my body which has always been a problem for me. And the product has also given me better cognitive awareness to help me get on with my day.”
 Karen Millers, AU





“This product is truly outstanding. After being on ageLOC Y-Span for 4 weeks I feel euphoric! As a result of this feeling I am more productive, happier, calmer and definitely more energised.”
Joanna Milligan, AU







“After taking ageLOC Y-Span I thought that I was a lot more clear-headed and also felt a general nice wellbeing feeling. My Skin carotenoid score has increased. My Personal Trainer says that my attitude and fitness levels are at levels that she has never seen me at. I thought I would never see another product work like Vitality did for me, and that would make so much difference to myself and my life and guess what? I have. ageLOC Y-Span is a product that I can say to you with my hand on my heart I will NEVER not take this product for the rest of my life.”

Michael Anderson, AU


“My scanner score has increased tremendously after consuming ageLOC Y-Span with no other changes to diet and supplements except Y-Span. I’m not as tired, I have more energy, and also a number of people believe that I look noticeably younger.”

Lynn Park, AU

“I noticed my knees have improved with less creaking and aches when doing long hikes etc., plus I feel more clear minded.”

Graham Park, AU





We’ve been told that ageLOC Y-Span is the kind of product that won’t necessarily give immediate or obvious results, but that it will absolutely give amazing long term benefits.

That being said, since I’ve been on ageLOC Y-Span I’ve absolutely felt a difference! The biggest difference has been a mental sharpness that I’ve felt. I’m feeling alert and focused which brings with it so many benefits to every aspect of my life. I’ve also been feeling a great sense of energy and drive in my training and a desire to live a healthier life, I feel almost scared to say that as my mind tells me that can’t come from a supplement but it’s true – that’s how I feel!

John Hobby, AU







“After taking ageLOC Y-Span, I was able to wake up in the morning with greater energy and alertness.”
Ernie Kim, AU






“ageLOC Y-Span helped me feel more awake in the morning. I had more energy throughout the day and I was able to sleep better at night.”
Ashleigh Robinson, AU