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The Guide to Hide Tired Eyes


How To: Hide tired eyes


For us lucky ones whose eyes are a dead giveaway for tiredness, concealer is our very best friend. But there are a far more tips and tricks to help conceal tired eyes, ones that you may not have thought to try before.


Below are top tips for concealing dark circles and getting rid of that “just woke up” look.


1. Double Trouble


For the ultimate concealer trick, start with a shade of concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone and gently blend to cover dark circles. Then choose a lighter tone concealer to apply under the eyes and out across your cheekbones to brighten up your complexion.


Be sure to use your ring finger when applying makeup under the eyes - this digit has the lightest touch and is best suited for the sensitive eye region.


2. Vitamins for the win


One of the latest skincare secrets is to moisturise before applying makeup with products that include Vitamin C & E. These vitamins will encourage antioxidant protection and increase the vibrancy of your skin – exactly what you need for youthful, fresh eyes.


Try our Celltrex COQ10 to promote skin vitality around the eye region.


3. Eyeliner illusions


Using eyeliner is a great way to add depth to your eyes and create an illusion of bigger, brighter eyes – as long as it’s done correctly. On the upper lid focus on thickening the outer corners then thinly blending in towards inner corner. 


Stray away from heavy eyeliner on both top and bottom lids, as this can cause the eye to look smaller. Try our Designing Liquid Eyeliner for a fresh look. 


Click here for a full guide on the best eyeliner technique based on your eye type.



Written by:

Kelly Moran

Communications Specialist

Pacific Region