Frequently Asked Questions

What types of credit cards will be accepted?

Visa and MasterCard ONLY

When will I receive my order?

Once your payment is approved, your order will be scheduled for delivery according to the shipping time.

How can I prevent my bank from declining my payment?

Know your available credit limit and ensure your purchase will not exceed your available limit. If you do not know your credit limit, contact the card issuer using the phone number found on the back of your card.

What do I need to do in order to purchase for someone else?

The person whom you are purchasing for must complete the credit card authorisation form AU | NZ and give you access to purchase under their account. Nu Skin has the right to request the credit card authorisation forms at any time if they believe there could be suspect activity.


What are the qualifications needed to participate in the Pre-Launch?

You need to be titled as Qualifying Sales Leader (previously called Qualifying Executive) or above as of 1 December 2017 to participate in the Pre-Launch.


How many ageLOC® LumiSpa™ Packages can I purchase?

Pre-Launch purchases are strictly limited to 20 packages per qualifying ID*. Any direct or indirect violation of this limitation is subject to disciplinary action by the Company, including but not limited to recapture of Bonuses and special incentives (where applicable).

*while stocks last.

Can I check my order status?

Yes, you can visit the Pre-Launch ordering site to check your order status. You will need to have your order number or web account password ready with you to process the check online.

Can I track my order once it ships?

Yes, you may call our product orders and enquiries centre in Australia on 1300 687 546 from Mondays to Fridays, 6:30am to 10:00pm (AEST)or in New Zealand on 0800 687 546 from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30am to 12midnight (NZST) to check the status of the delivery.

When is the Pre-Launch?

The Pre-Launch will begin on Tuesday 05 December at 12pm (AEST), 2:00pm (NZST) until Monday 15 January at 5:00pm (AEST), 7:00pm (NZST). While stocks last.


If my credit card is declined, how can I fix this problem?

You will receive an email confirmation stating your order was not processed. The order will be cancelled, so you will need to place your order again.

We strongly recommend that you ensure that your credit card details are updated with your bank prior to your purchase, to ensure a successful transaction.

I am a Nu Skin member but have never place any order online or create any web account. Do I need a web account to place order?

No, you do not need a web account. However you will need to provide your ID number under the Executive ID number field. Please note that this Limited Time Offer is open to Qualified Executives or above Nu Skin distributors only.

I have a monthly ADR with Nu Skin. Can I use Limited Time Offer products for ADR Fulfillments?

No. Pre-Launch products will not be able to fulfil the monthly ADR.  It will be considered as an additional order.

Can I combine purchase of regular products (e.g. LifePak) together with my purchase?

No. Orders on this website cannot be combined with regular products like LifePak. Regular products will have to be purchased separately from Nu Skin website - (Australia) or (New Zealand)

Can I make any amendments after I have completed my order? (For e.g., placing order under my down line’s ID instead of my own ID)

No. There will be strictly NO amendment allowed after the order has been completed.

What version of my browser should I use to ensure I have an optimal experience on this website?

To ensure the optimal experience when participating in the Pre-Launch, we strongly recommend you update your personal computer with one of the following browsers/versions prior to the event. Nu Skin is leveraging the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure the optimal user experience when executing your order and relies on these browsers/versions to capitalise on that technology.



Operating System






Windows / Mac

Google Chrome


Windows / Mac

Internet Explorer



Is this website supported on Mobile browsers?

The platform has not been built, configured, or tested for use on mobile devices. Therefore, functionality on mobile devices is not guaranteed and is left to the distributor’s discretion whether or not to use mobile devices for the execution of this website.