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ageLOC WellSpa iO Body Serum

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Formulated to target visible contouring, reduction in cellulite appearance, and improved skin brightness and overall appearance, this ageLOC Body Serum can be used with our WellSpa iO, one of our most innovative at-home beauty devices.

ageLOC Body Serum is used with the WellSpa iO device and was formulated to target visible contouring, reduction in cellulite appearance, and improved skin brightness and overall appearance. Not only can it help to visibly firm and tighten the skin, but it also has great hydrating ingredients that help reduce visible skin crepiness, leaving your skin smooth and more youthful looking.


  • Use three times per week to daily.
  • For best results, cleanse with ageLOC Body Polish as the first step, followed by ageLOC Dermatic Effects® at the end of your routine.
  • After cleansing, apply a generous amount of ageLOC Body Serum onto problem area to be treated (e.g., upper arms, upper thigh/buttock, or abdomen) and begin treatment with WellSpa iO, focusing on upward/ inward movements, gliding up in slow, circular motions and massaging back to the start.
  • Reapply as needed during the session to ensure smooth, continuous connectivity between the skin and device. Massage any remaining serum into the skin.
  • Ingredients can have different types of benefits that fit different desires. This is, in part, due to differences in extraction methods for extracts. Or, at other times the same ingredient can have different targets. So, while an ingredient may be in one formula for one reason, it may have different benefits in another formula.
  • Those looking to restore their wellbeing target an entire area (e.g., the whole thigh, the entire arm) and focus on basic upward and inward movements over the limb. When looking to revitalize your appearance, users will want to use movements that are directed up and/or inward, but also provide some gentle massaging of the area to help improve the appearance of the skin. These areas are likely more targeted as opposed to the entire limb.