TRA Complex™

TRA Complex™ contains a blend of scientifically proven ingredients. It combines the key ingredients from Tegreen97® Cortitrol™ and CraveEase™ to create an effective weight management through three metabolic processes.




TrimShake™ is a delicious and satisfying shake that is perfect for breakfast or as a meal replacement. It provides the nutritional balance integral to effective weight management.

Available in Chocolate & Vanilla flavour.




diene-o-lean™ contains CLA to help to promote fat loss and gives you a better body shape.

Capsaicin increases fat burning for perfect shaping results.

Note: If complementing diene-o-lean™ with duolean™ and/or Fibrenet, it is recommended to have at least allow 2 hours interval between the product.



duolean™ helps to reduce the breaking down of carbohydrates and absorption, inhibit fats absorption.

Contains Alpha Trim®-W is a wheat extract that has been shown to inhibit carbohydrate breakdown and reduce carbohydrate absorption in studies.