media coverage 2013

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media coverage 2013


December 2013 - Sportsfan (Denmark)
The whole line of Nu Skin’s Tru Face products was presented in the latest edition of Danish magazine Sportsfan. The product line has been described as the latest technology for skin care, to be used by both him and her. 


December 2013 - British MODE (United Kingdom)
Features picture and an enthusiastic description of the ageLOC line, which in their Winter Beauty Bible is described as absolutely phenomenal

cover_fuer Sie_Nov13_DE

November 2013 - FÜR SIE (Germany)
Nu Skin´s ageLOC Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II is featured in an article about anti-ageing.


October 2013 - Amina Magazine (France)
ReNu Hair Mask was tested and reviewed by Amina magazine.


October 2013 - Women (United Kingdom)
Our very own Gemma Sheppard is featured on the cover of the latest edition of lifestyle magazine Women. Inside the magazine, Gemma talks about her career, fashion and of course Nu Skin products, which she swears by to keep her skin fresh and dewy.


September 2013 - (France)
An article about the Nu Skin Hair Care line.


September 2013 - Fairways (France)
ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio was tested and approved by Fairways magazine.


August 2013 - Tara (Norway)
ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II comes out on top in the Norwegian fashion magazine Tara! The instrument gets 6 out of 6 stars and is graded as absolute star quality.


July 2013 - From Madrid With Blush (Spain)
The beauty blog From Madrid With Blush reviews the Clear Action System.


July 2013 - Shape (Hungary)
NaPCA Moisture Mist is recommended for cooling summer hydration. logo

July 2013 - (Czech Republic)
Nu Skin accreditations were featured in an article on a well-known business online site.


July 2013 - (Slovakia)
A rather interesting, moreover useful article was published on the topic how to sunbath properly. There are two product tips; both of them are related to Nu Skin: Sunright® SPF 35 and Sunright® lip Balm.

Haszon Nőknek_june_HU_Page_1

June 2013 –Haszon Nőknek (Hungary)
ageLOC® Dermatic Effects is recommended among the best product for toned skin.


June 2013 – New Déco Magazine (France)
Sunright Lip Balm has been featured in an article about sun protectors.


May 2013 – Shape (Hungary)
Shape features a  R2 advertisement and the ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II is mentioned in an article as well.


May 2013 – Eva (Hungary)
ageLOC® Dermatics Effects is featured in the editorial among the effective creams and body lotions against cellulite.


April 2013 – Ce se întâmplă doctore? (Romania)
A short advertorial about R2 is published. And Exfoliant Scrub, Polishing Peel and Creamy Hydrating Masque are selected in the Shopping Zone.


April 2013 – Tara magazine (Norway)
ageLOC Transforming Night is one of the creams featured in the article “Facial creams with real effect”  


April 2013 – Feeling (Belgium)
ageLOC Body Trio was tested by Feeling and is featured in an article about spa at home.

knackw_apr13_BE (1)

April 2013 – Knack Weekend (Belgium)
ageLOC Body Trio was tested by Knack Weekend and is featured in an article about firming body products.

March 2013 – (Czech Republic)
The Czech online magazine for women recommends ageLOC Transforming Night as one of the „12 night creams that really work“, stressing the role of the product in the fight against skin ageing.


March 2013 – (Slovakia)
Tru Face® Instant Line Corrector is recommended.


March 2013 – HORSE Magazine (Spain)
This exclusive magazine dedicated to luxury, fashion and travel includes Nu Skin's Galvanic Spa devices in its beauty section.


March 2013 – (France)
ageLOC Body Trio has been featured on the French blog


March 2013 – KK (Norway)
The ageLOC ® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II and Facial Gels are mentioned in an article with suggestions on how to maintain a strong and radiant body, in the March edition of Norwegian magazine KK.


March 2013 – Ce se întâmplă doctore? (Romania)
LifePak®+ is featured with it benefits and Celltrex® CoQ10 Complete is selected in another section of the same issue.


February 2013 – Woman (Norway)
The ageLOC ® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II and Facial Gels were mentioned in a review on beauty favorites in the February edition of Norwegian magazine Woman.


February 2013 – Sportfan (Denmark)
Nu Skin's 180 Anti-aging system was featured under luxury facial moisturizer in the danish magasine Sportsfan.


February 2013 – (France)
An article about Epoch Baobab Body Butter on the French blog


February 2013 – VOGUE (Spain)
Galvanic Body Spa is featured in the Top Ten of cosmetic instruments.


February 2013 – Diéta & fitnesz (Hungary)
Nu Skin Clear Action® System and g3 are featured in two different sections of the magazine.


February 2013 – (France)
Epoch Baobab Body Butter has been featured in an article about body balms for the winter.


February 2013 – AVD (Spain)
The bulletin of the Spanish Direct Selling Association includes information about Joe Chang's Golden Bridge award as Most Innovative Person of the year..


February 2013 – Beauté (France)
Night Supply Nourishing Cream has been reviewed on the French blog Beauté


January 2013 – Insignia (UK)
The ageLOC Transformation kit was on the top 15 Paraben free beauty Product list in the british online magasine Insignia.


January 2013 – (France)
An article about ageLOC Dermatic Effects on the French blog


January 2013 – Tours Magazine (France)
Epoch Baobab Body Butter is featured in an article about beauty tips for the winter.


January 2013 – Seniors Région (Edition Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur) (France)
Epoch Baobab Body Butter is featured in an article about health and beauty: “taking care of yourself”..

January 2013 – (Czech Republic) online site recommends Rejuvenating Cream, Epoch® Baobab Body Butter and Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer; including a quote from Bálint Balla, Product Specialist Eastern Europe.


January 2013 – (Slovakia)
Our Moisturizing Shampoo is recommended for dry hair on


January 2013 – VOGUE (Turkey)
ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II is recommended among devices with most advantage technologies for home beauty centers by Vogue magazine.


December 2013 - HELLO! Daily News (United Kingdom)
ageLOC Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II is recommended as one of the six best creams to banish wrinkles.


November 2013 - XPOSÉ entertainment (United Kingdom)
An article called “Re-surface skin” recommends the ageLOC Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II and describes how they were impressed with how much it improved the look of the skin.


October 2013 - Fairways(France)
Epoch Baobab Body Butter was tested and approved by Fairways magazine.


October 2013 - Trucs de (France)
Clear Action was selected as one of the best treatments of the moment to minimise current breakouts.


September 2013 - Introversion (Spain)
Introversion recommends Nu Skin 180º to restore hydration and luminosity to your skin. Especially after long, torrid summer months.


September 2013 - (France)
NaPCA Moisture Mist has been selected as one of the 25 must haves to repare your hair.


July 2013 - Actif's (France)
LifePak+ has been featured in an article about food supplements.


July 2013 - AVD (Spain)
The bulletin of the Spanish Direct Selling Association includes an article about Nu Skin being named highest revenue company by Utah Valley Business Q magazine.


July 2013 - Amina Magazine (France)
Epoch Baobab Body Butter was tested and reviewed by Amina magazine.


July 2013 - Men's Health (Hungary)
Sunright® SPF 35 is featured in the sun protection compilation and the Enhancer is recommended as a post sun product.


July 2013 - (Czech Republic)
An article mentions the Nu Skin advantages and how we demonstrate our difference.


June 2013 - Fairways (France)
ageLOC Radiant Day was tested and approved by Fairways magazine.

The ONE_june_RO

June 2013 – THE ONE (Romania)
ageLOC® Dermatic Effects and Sunright® Lip Balm SPF 15 are recommended in the editor’s choice section.


June 2013 – Lourens Magazine (The Netherlands)
ageLOC Body Trio and ageLOC Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II were tested by Lourens magazine.

Novinky.cz_june_Nu Skin facts_Page_1

June 2013 – (Czech Republic)
The most important facts and figures about Nu Skin are featured on this popular website.

June 2013 – (Hungary)
The popular Hungarian beauty blog is currently testing Nu Skin® products: Nu Skin 180°® AHA Facial Peel and Neutralizer; Moisture Restore Day SPF 15 Normal to Dry Skin; Epoch® Baobab Body Butter and AP-24® Oral Care Collection.


May 2013 –Diéta&Fitnesz (Hungary)
R2 is featured in the Novelties and ageLOC® Galvanic Body Trio in the Beauty Section.


April 2013 – Ž (Czech Republic)
The article gives advice on how to conrol your health in the stress of modern civilization. The solution is R2 – a product that respects the natural biorythm of the human body.


May 2013 – Marie Claire (Hungary)
Besides a beautiful R2 advertisement (in the magazine’s Top Secret column) actress, Anikó Für shares her beauty secrets with the readers. She mentions NaPCA Moisture Mist among her favourite beauty products and she even talks about her at-home galvanic treatment.


April 2013 – KK magazine (Norway)
ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II  featured in the article “Younger and better looking skin!”

Style Cover

April 2013 – Style magazine (Norway)
ageLOC Body Trio is featured  as a simple and efficient spa treatment to use at home in the April edition of Style Magazine.


April 2013 – KK magazine (Norway)
The Norwegian fashion and beauty magazine KK, featured Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls in a recommendation on products for a sun kissed skin. Sole Solution was also featured in an article on how to get your feet ready for this summer.


March 2013 – MIS TRUCOS DE BELLEZA (Spain)
The beauty blog "MIS TRUCOS DE BELLEZA" reviews the ageLOC Transformation System.


March 2013 – Amina Magazine (France)
ageLOC Body Trio was tested by Amina Magazine.


March 2013 – Hendes Verden (Denmark)
Transformation Kit is review as a problem solver in the beauty section of the Danish magazine Hendes Verden.


March 2013 – Where Budapest (Hungary)
The tourist guide magazine, which is available in hotels, tourist and business centers and airports for free, featured a short article about the Budapest Walk-in Center and our great products in the Wellness section.


March 2013 – Diéta&Fitnesz (Hungary)
The back cover of the magazine announces R2 coming in April and LifePak®+ is featured among the novelties.


February 2013 – Květy (Czech Republic)
The Czech weekly magazine stressed the benefits of our Rejuvenating Cream in the winter season.


February 2013 – Eva (Hungary)
Rejuvenating Cream is recommended by the beauty editor of Éva magazine as a great moisturizer for dry skin in the winter time.


February 2013 – Costume (Norway)
LifePak+ is featured in the norwegian magasine Costume's beauty editors favorites.


February 2013 – New Déco Magazine (France)
Epoch Baobab Body Butter has been featured in an article about a 5 days anti cold program.


February 2013 – (France)
ageLOC Dermatic Effects has been tested by the French blog Mum magazine.


February 2013 – (France)
An article about Nu Skin 180° Cell Renewal Fluid on the French blog


February 2013 – MLM Yearbook (Hungary)
The first MLM Year book introduces the most important MLM companies in Hungary. Nu Skin® is featured in a 4-page long article with the most important facts and information to know about us.


February 2013 – Business Magazin (Romania)
Business Magazin features an article about the six basic principles how Nu Skin demonstrates the difference.


January 2013 – Ma Famille (France)
Epoch Baobab Body Butter has been featured in an article about body lotions for the whole family on the French blog Ma Famille


January 2013 – Inform' (France)
An article about Epoch Baobab Body Butter on the French blog Inform'Elle.


January 2013 – Beauty Wellness Magazine (the Netherlands)
ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio is featured in the product news.


January 2013 – Nők Lapja (Hungary)
ageLOC® Future Serum is featured in the 5th week issue of Nők Lapja in the article “Youth elixirs” magazine in Hungary.