Sue Baliwala and Jeanette Bray

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Sue Baliwala and Jeanette Bray

“We work together, as a family.”

Sue Baliwala and Jeanette Bray

Blue Diamond, September 2010


Sue Baliwala knows a thing or two about looking good and feeling good about oneself.


After all, she spent over 40 years in the fashion industry—where she owned her own wholesale and retail clothing stores.


So when the Nu Skin opportunity was presented to her, it was no surprise that she jumped right on board.


“Making women beautiful is what I did and what I loved,” Sue said. “Nu Skin fits in beautifully because it’s an extension of that.”


Sue was anxious to share the Nu Skin opportunity, and soon approached her friend and current business partner, Jeanette Bray.


But Jeanette was finding success in other ventures at the time and wasn’t interested in Nu Skin.


“I said ‘Sue, I love you and I’ll support you. But thanks, but no thanks,’” Jeanette said.


Despite declining the opportunity initially, Jeanette continued to learn about Nu Skin and after another year, she realized how big the chance was.


“It took me about a year to really step back and look at the business,” Jeanette said. “Then, when I really realized that we had something that nobody else had, the entrepreneur light bulb came on.”


Sue and Jeanette have worked tirelessly together to build a successful Nu Skin business, and now enjoy the security that Nu Skin is able to offer.


“Nu Skin, to me, has given me a sense of security that I’ve never had in my life before,” Sue said. “I love the people that work for the company and I trust them, and that’s a big deal for me.”


Along with security, Sue is able to work with her family and be around her family.


“We work together, as a family,” Sue added.


Sue and Jeanette’s road to success hasn’t always been smooth. Both have learned the value in perseverance and in determination through tough times.


“To accomplish anything good in your life, there is stuff you have to go through, tough stuff sometimes,” Jeanette said.


Since putting in the work and time to get where they are now, Sue and Jeanette are now able to offer words of advice and comfort to their down lines.


“They have to be dedicated to this business and they have to have that vision in their minds,” Sue said.


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