Sam and Scott Harrison

Sam and Scott Harrison

“We’re always going to have obstacles and we’ve got to get over them."

Sam and Scott Harrison

Blue Diamond, September 2010


The financial benefits that accompany a successful Nu Skin business is nice to have, but there is something deeper in finding success with Nu Skin for some people.


Blue Diamond, Sam Harrison has come to realize many dreams and things about herself through her successful Nu Skin business.


“Nu Skin has helped me achieve my dreams, not only of making more money, but of being a better person,” she said. “It has brought out the best in me and has helped me to discover myself. It has just brought out the better person in me.”


For Sam, joining Nu Skin was like becoming part of a new family—one that she knew would be there to stand by her throughout her journey.

Along with the comfort of a proven partner, Sam has been able to focus her life on important things like her family.


“It’s helped me keep my family life and my time with my kids,” she said. “If I didn’t have Nu Skin, I would have been really struggling.”


Prior to Nu Skin, Sam operated a boutique on the Gold Coast of Australia. While still owning and operating that boutique, Sam is now able to do so with more comfort and less stress because of her Nu Skin business.


Like most people who have found success, Sam’s road to Blue Diamond was not without obstacles or hardships.


The difference, in Sam’s opinion, between success and failure when presented with an obstacle is what motivates one to get through it.


“I see obstacles more as challenges, and I love challenges,” she added. “We’re always going to have obstacles and we’ve got to get over them. Whether we jump over them, crawl over them, or go around them, we’re going to get over them.”


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