Noel and Karen Millers

新顧客? 今天就註冊!
新顧客? 今天就註冊!

Noel and Karen Millers

“Now, we have choices to do whatever we want and it’s a wonderful thing.”

Noel and Karen Millers

Blue Diamond, September 2010


It’s always the products that make a skeptic into a believer.

Just ask new Blue Diamond Karen Millers.


Karen’s husband, Noel, brought the Nu Skin business opportunity to her and she didn’t hesitate in telling him no. But after some research and some encouraging from Noel to check out the products, Karen was in love with her new business opportunity.


“I checked the products out and I actually fell in love with the products first,” Karen said. “My experience with the company is second to none.”


Noel, who worked as a bank manager for 25 years, also found appeal with the Nu Skin products upon his introduction to the company.


“I like the idea of having unique products that actually work,” Noel said.


Aside from the products, Karen and Noel were drawn to the idea of being able to build a successful business and still having time to spend with their two daughters.


“As a mother, the most important thing in my life is my children,” Karen said. “We want to give them a lot. So, that’s very important to me.”


Being able to take care of their daughters and spend time with them has been a source of much joy for the Millers.


“We were always worried about our future,” Noel said. “Now, we have choices to do whatever we want and it’s a wonderful thing.”


Noel and Karen feel that the Nu Skin business model has continued to prove itself worthwhile.


“It’s worked for us because we’re here, on a Blue Diamond trip,” Noel said.


The Millers have worked hard to enable the Nu Skin business model to work effectively, but along the road there have been setbacks for the couple.


But the Millers feel that a commitment to persistence will always help one overcome setbacks and rough patches in the road.


“There were setbacks for us,” Noel said. “But we just went back into the huddle and had a bit of rethinking about what we’re doing.”


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