Ken and Janet Warren

新顧客? 今天就註冊!

Ken and Janet Warren

Go looking for the people that are looking for change and help them and show them the way.”

Ken and Janet Warren

Blue Diamond, September 2010

It all started with some Christmas presents for new Blue Diamonds Ken and Janet Warren.


Ken was introduced to LifePak and his interest in the Nu Skin products was piqued.


“It was Christmas and we had just started to explore the Nu Skin line, and I had purchased a couple of the basic products,” Ken said. “I put them under the Christmas tree, I didn’t even wrap them, and Janet started using those and we started exploring some more.”


The Warren’s exploration eventually led to a successful and fruitful business for the 35-year IT industry veteran Ken and stay-at-home mom Janet.


Ken had been involved in the building up of other companies before, but it was a visit to the Nu Skin headquarters that eventually sealed the deal.


“I knew I didn’t want to build another company in the traditional way,” Ken added. “I love the principles of Nu Skin, went to the headquarters, and saw a company with more integrity and more caring than anything I’d seen in corporate life.”


For Janet, her support of Ken’s endeavors in Nu Skin comes on the foundation of the ethics and values that she felt and experienced with Nu Skin.


“If I questioned any of the ethics of the company, I wouldn’t be with them,” Janet said. “They live what they say.”


Ken’s past experiences with medical problems and situations in his own life has helped to build up his own attitudes towards perseverance and determination.


“You’ve got to have tenacity,” Ken said. “You’ve got to have a belief and a willingness to do whatever it takes.  If you get knocked down a bit, learn from it. You’re knocked down for a reason. Learn the lessons, pick yourself up, and keep growing.”


Ken and Janet understand the value of finding the right people for the business and working tirelessly to involve those people.


Together they feel that growing a team and helping others find success is what will make your own business and fun and worthwhile experience.


“Don’t ever listen to the naysayers,” Ken added. “Go looking for the people that are looking for change and help them and show them the way.”




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