Jon Connolly

新顧客? 今天就註冊!
新顧客? 今天就註冊!

Jon Connolly

“If you don’t help people to be successful, you aren’t going to be successfully yourself.”

Jon Connolly

Blue Diamond, September 2010


New Blue Diamond, Jon Connolly, hails from Australia, but calls Paris, France home—the place he also operates his successful Nu Skin business out of.


Because of his family being in France, Jon decided to take advantage of the global influence of Nu Skin and began his business in Paris when the European market opened.


Prior to joining Nu Skin, Jon made a living as a lawyer and also as a professional banker. His success in those endeavors led him to founding and opening his own chain of supermarkets.


But as times got tough for Jon in the mid-1990’s, he found himself searching for something more and something different.


His searches led him to Nu Skin, where he began his own business.


“I love this company,” Jon said of Nu Skin. “It’s given me 16 fantastic years and it is a wonderful partner. I was telling my daughter today that I’ve never been disappointed by this company.”


Since working with his supermarkets and in his other professions Jon has always wanted a taste of freedom, but was unable to find it in his previous work adventures.


“Nu Skin has helped me to achieve my dreams,” Jon added. “It has given me the freedom and liberty that I have always aspired to have.”


With the recent success of Nu Skin products such as ageLOC and Vitality, Jon feels that the opportunity with the Nu Skin business is bigger now than ever before.


Jon’s commitment to success has been a major factor in where he is today. But, he knows that finding success for just yourself is not a way to operate your business.


“If you don’t help people to be successful, you aren’t going to be successfully yourself,” Jon said.


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