Dean and Katherine Nguyen

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Dean and Katherine Nguyen

“We have been able to start to work as a couple, as husband and wife,”

Dean and Katherine Nguyen

Blue Diamond, September 2010


For Dean Nguyen, the Nu Skin products and business opportunity was something he thought was perfect for his wife, but not so much for him.


“One of my friends introduced me to the products,” Dean said. “I took a look at the product and the first thing I thought is ‘maybe my wife is good for this.’”


After Dean informed his wife, Katherine, about the opportunity, he began to see her work with the business side of the Nu Skin opportunity and quickly realized that he too could benefit from the Nu Skin business.


“It did not take me long to recognize that this is an opportunity that’s not only for her, but also for myself,” Dean added.


Dean, who was working as an engineer when he discovered Nu Skin, joined Katherine shortly after she left the real estate and mortgage industry and began finding success with Nu Skin.


“I talked to my husband and told him he needed to drop his business and come work with me,” Katherine said.


Now, as business partners, Dean and Katherine are able to spend more time with each other and work together in establishing their own global business—which has expanded into several countries worldwide.


“We have been able to start to work as a couple, as husband and wife,” Katherine added.


The Nguyen’s work together on the Nu Skin business, but are also able to spend some valuable time together in working with the Nourish the Children initiative—which they both value immensely and which they feel is a major difference in what the Nu Skin opportunity can provide them.


‘I have been involved in a couple businesses before Nu Skin,” Dean said. “This company has a totally different culture.”


Dean and Katherine find motivation in their dreams as a couple and as business partners. Together, they set goals and work hard to reach those goals as they continue to find success in the Nu Skin business.


“We have a dream,” Dean said. “Our dream is bigger than our fear. We face challenges ever day and obstacles every day. But if you have a big dream, you can overcome that fear.”



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