Kellie Wike

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Kellie Wike Blue Diamond, October 2009

“If I just keep focused, it’s easy to keep going.”

Kellie Wike is a mother, a wife, and a Nu Skin distributor of 15 years who hails from the Seattle, Washington area.

Kellie’s background in the nutritional field is what first got her interested in the Nu Skin opportunity.

“I started out really coming to this company because of the integrity of the products,” she said.

Her degree in nutrition saw her consistently recommending nutritional items to family and friends and eventually attracted her to the nutritional aspect of the Nu Skin products.

“I really felt that if I was going to be recommending this to my clients and to friends and family members that I had to feel really confident that what I was recommending was something that wouldn’t harm them, but would enhance their health,” she said.

Over her time with Nu Skin, Kellie’s reason for joining Nu Skin took on other meanings—namely helping other people and fulfilling her goals and dreams of making a difference.

“Over the years, my why has sort of changed and it’s really evolving now,” she said. “I want to help fund my daughter’s dreams, but along the way I have found out that there are a lot of other people whose dreams I can help achieve and can help them with their dreams.”

While helping other people achieve their dreams, Kellie has achieved some of her own dreams as well. She has been able to raise her children and stay at home with them during the day. She enjoys the idea of being able to choose when and where she will go to work—and she enjoys helping other people recognize and have that opportunity in their lives.

Kellie’s life has changed over the past 15 years of working with Nu Skin. She now has something more than a monetary gain—she has the freedom to choose what she does with her day.

“I love that I can set my schedule to where and when I go or what I do,” she said. “I don’t miss many activities that my children have. I kind of schedule my life around that.”

Kellie knows that the integrity of the Nu Skin products will continue to grow and continue to be a reason for success as the company continues to move in the anti-aging direction.

With the direction of Nu Skin, Kellie feels that there is no better time to start with the company.

“I think now is the best time to be in this business because of the economy and where we are,” she said.

With the launch of ageLOC, Kellie sees the opportunity changing and increasing for those who are exploring the option of becoming a Nu Skin distributor.

“ageLOC has really changed the opportunity because it changes the game,” she said.

Despite her success, Kellie still sees some obstacles and still faces obstacles in her work. But her desire to keep her focus on her goals and her “why” are what motivate and drive her to overcome those obstacles.

“If I just keep focused on why I’m doing this and go back to that why, it’s easy to keep going,” she said. “You know there is going to be obstacles. You just kick them out of the way and go on to the next.”


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