Lisa Bell

新顧客? 今天就註冊!
新顧客? 今天就註冊!

Lisa Bell Blue Diamond, October 2009

“Never allow anyone to silence you."

Lisa Bell has been heavily involved in the health and nutrition fields for years. She worked as a fitness consultant and even worked as a writer for a weekly column in her local paper in the Southern Indiana area.


Her work in the health industry eventually led to her being introduced to the Biophotonic Scanner. She was doubtful of the Scanner upon first hearing about it.


“I spent a year researching as a total skeptic,” she said.


After her research on the Scanner proved to be positive, she began working as a Nu Skin distributor and embraced the Nu Skin opportunity.


The ability to have a viable and credible business but still be able to operate from her home is what initially attracted Lisa to the Nu Skin business.


“I pursued this business because it was the ability to actually have a business from my home office, with my family around me,” she said.


Now, a member of the October Blue Diamond Trip, Lisa spends her time working from home and enjoying the flexibility and freedom that the Nu Skin opportunity has provided her.


“I actually had my own personal training studio in my house and I was kind of a slave to the schedule of my clients,” she said. “I had very little time freedom, wasn’t making a lot of money, and my life today is completely opposite.”


Throughout her life, Lisa worked as an ICU nurse, a health care professional and a pharmaceutical marketer. But with all of her experience in traditional business, the network marketing of Nu Skin was something she was previously foreign to.


“I knew nothing about network marketing,” she said. “So, I’ve literally had to start from scratch.”


Lisa is now a full-fledged member of the Nu Skin distributor front and is prepared to seize the opportunities that await those involved with Nu Skin with the advent and unveiling of ageLOC.


“In my opinion ageLOC has completely revolutionized the opportunity,” she said.


Lisa feels that the Nu Skin opportunity is now an even greater opportunity for people who are new or unfamiliar with network marketing.


“Nu Skin’s anti-aging opportunity is amazing,” she said. “Even for people like myself, who don’t have that network marketing background, there’s so many different ways that you can approach the opportunity.”


Since joining the Nu Skin family, Lisa has been instrumental in helping others live healthier lives, along with helping her own family become healthier.


“My health has changed tremendously, as my family’s has as well,” she added.


Lisa’s husband works as a schoolteacher in Indiana, and because of Lisa’s work with Nu Skin, he now has time and freedom to love his career and focus on his occupational goals.


“He spent 15 years in law and actually walked away to try to reclaim his life,” she said. “Now, Nu skin has given us the opportunity to really have that great earning potential, but from home with our family.”


Lisa’s downline benefits from her strong desire to be successful each day. She advises them to dig their feet in and never give up on their goals of success in the Nu Skin business.


“The best advice I could give to my downline, as I always do, is never ever quit,” she said. “Never allow anyone to silence you if there’s something that you truly believe in.”


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