Jeff and Marlina Lee

新顧客? 今天就註冊!

Jeff and Marlina Lee Blue Diamond, October 2009

“There’s no competitor.”

Jeff and Marlina Lee have done a lot together over time. For 21 years the couple owned a fitness gym and worked tirelessly in the fitness industry.


Six years ago they were introduced to the Biophotonic Scanner and their lives have never been the same.


“It was the technology that attracted us,” Jeff said.


That technology has been a major influence in the growth of the Lee’s business as well as countless distributors throughout the business.


“To this day, there’s still nothing like that (Biophotonic Scanner),” Marlina added. “There’s no competitor.”


After first joining Nu Skin during the Biophotonic Scanner’s introduction, the Lee’s saw another opportunity and become even more engaged with Nu Skin with the advent of the Galvanic Spa.


The Lee’s held a desire to help people live healthier lives while owning a fitness gym. Now, as Nu Skin Blue Diamond Executives, they continue that goal of helping other people live healthier.


“Our “why” in the business was to have a business where we could really serve a great need,” Marlina said. “Where we could help people and at the same time, help ourselves and our family.”


The Lee’s feel that the timing right now is optimal for joining the Nu Skin business. As a native of Hawaii, Jeff likens the Nu Skin timing with one of his favorite past times—surfing.


“I say surf when there’s a swell,” Jeff said. “And the swell is up now.”


The Lee’s and the many other Nu Skin distributors look to ride the swell that is the future of the anti-aging industry—ageLOC.


“ageLOC has really changed the opportunity now,” Marlina said. “The fact that now we can do provide this service for people non-invasively and healthy is just phenomenal.”


The Lee’s know that the Nu Skin opportunity is not without obstacles and bumps in the road. But through hard work and commitment, they know that anyone can overcome those obstacles and enjoy the successes that come from Nu Skin.


“I believe you overcome your obstacles by focusing on your reason and then doing the work and getting the positive input,” Jeff said.


The Lee’s believe that the Nu Skin opportunity provides individuals with a chance to experience personal growth and self-development and that if one takes those into account, they can maintain a clear and balanced outlook on not just the Nu Skin business, but life in general.


With timing being such an integral part of success, the Lee’s feel that the timing is no better than the present.


“Very seldom to people get to be in the right place at the right time with the right opportunity and the right product,” Marlina added.

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