"Hot" Toddy Sylvestre-Dallow

新顧客? 今天就註冊!

"Hot" Toddy Sylvestre-Dallow Blue Diamond, October 2009

“Right now, we are just at the beginning.”

“Hot” Toddy Sylvestre-Dallow joined Nu Skin in January of 2009, and hasn’t looked back since.


Working as a dentist for 22 years, Toddy began to feel the physical effects of the career.


“I was hunched over patients doing fillings and extractions for 22 years,” she said. “My back couldn’t take that any longer.”


Wanting to find something less demanding physically, Toddy was introduced to the Nu Skin opportunity. When she was first told of the Nu Skin business, she immediately wanted to be a part of it. But with her own Visa maxed out from other expenditures, she turned to her husband for the financial support needed to start her Nu Skin career.


“I had to beg my husband to let me put it on his credit card,” she said. “He’s very happy now that he did.”


Having participated in the October Blue Diamond trip, Toddy has seen the fruits of her labor come to full fruition. Over the course of her time with Nu Skin her “why” has changed. Toddy and her family initially sought out the financial benefits from Nu Skin as their “why.” Now, an established distributor, her reason for doing Nu Skin has changed.


“Now, the best part for me has been that people on my team are making money too,” she said. “I’m helping to change other people’s lives on my team.”


Toddy’s previous profession prohibited her from enjoying the simple things in life—like being free to pick up her son from school. She now credits Nu Skin with being the venue that has allowed her change her life and that has given her the freedom of time to be with her son and her family.


“We had the whole summer together as a family,” she said.  


Toddy feels that her success in the Nu Skin business has come from her willingness to listen to those around her.


“My keys to success have been being 110-percent coachable,” she said.


With Nu Skin on the forefront of the anti-aging industry, Toddy’s business stands in perfect position to continue growing.


“I think right now we are just at the beginning,” she said. “I feel that I need to have everybody doing this because I know it’s going to change everybody’s lives.”


While Toddy hopes to continue to change others lives, she hopes that one of them is her son.


“I just want him to know that whatever he wants in his life he can achieve,” she said. “I want him to not have to want for anything.”



*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or go to www.nuskin.com.

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