Gigi Davis

新顧客? 今天就註冊!
新顧客? 今天就註冊!

Gigi Davis Blue Diamond, October 2009

“It’s a people company."

Gigi Davis wants for her and her family to live healthy lives and feels that having used Nu Skin products, they have had that opportunity.

“We have been healthier than we ever have before,” she said.

But Gigi uses the Nu Skin products and takes advantage of the Nu Skin opportunity because she wants to be healthy enough to be around when her grandchildren are active.

“One of my great goals is to be ninety years old and scuba diving with my grandchildren,” she said. “I fully expect to achieve that.”

Gigi, a resident of Eagle, Idaho, works full-time as a Nu Skin distributor and has because of the nature of the business; she is able to work with her sister, fellow Blue Diamond Jamie Metz.

Gigi has been a part of a Nu Skin Ruby Trip and more recently as a member of a Nu Skin Blue Diamond trip. Each trip she has been able to learn the Nu Skin business and how the company is operated.

“One of the things that I have loved most about the Nu Skin business is when we were on the Ruby Trip and when we’ve been on the Blue Diamond trip is the amount of integrity and love that the corporate people treat the distributors with,” she said.

Gigi and her sister felt the love of the Nu Skin employees when they first arrived at the Blue Diamond trip in October


“When we walked into the hotel at the Bellagio, Justin Rose came up and gave us a big hug and recognized us,” she said. “It’s a people company and in the end it’s really people that it’s all about.”

Now an established Nu Skin distributor, Gigi works tirelessly at bringing others into the Nu Skin opportunity and experience.

“When I’m looking at recruiting people into this business, I’m looking for motivated, driven people who have a big reason to succeed in the business,” she said.

Success in the Nu Skin business comes from the freedom that the distributors are allowed while building their own business mingled with the strong, solid corporate support.

“We’re allowed to have our own business, and yet we have a company that has a 25-year track record with the greatest integrity,” she said.

Gigi’s success has come from her willingness to work with the corporate offices as well as her strong business background. She feels that the key to succeeding in the Nu Skin business is being tenacious and persistent.

“We have good hard work ethic and we like to treat people with respect and integrity,” she added.

It is by treating people with integrity and respect that Gigi has been a major influence on those around her. She feels that the Nu Skin opportunity is something that many people can take advantage of and benefit from.

“If I were to describe Nu Skin the company, I would say that it is a living organism,” she said. “It’s based on science and is producing the highest quality products with the most amount of integrity that a company can have.”

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