How do I become a Nu Skin Distributor and what do I need to do?


  • To be a Nu Skin Distributor in Malaysia, you must be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen or permanent resident and must have a NRIC and a copy of their bank account information.
  • For you to be able to sign up as a Distributor, you need to have a sponsor. You may choose to contact the person who invited you to be a Distributor or introduced the products to you as your sponsor as this is the person who first introduced you to Nu Skin. This sponsor and his upline organization will be able to support you and your downline in your business and will provide you with comprehensive training on the products and the sales compensation plan.
  • If you don't know any Independent Distributor of Nu Skin, we would be happy to introduce you to one of our successful Distributors in the business. If you need a sponsor, please call our Distributor Support Hotline at 603-2170 7888 or email us at 48hrs_reply_malaysia@nuskin.com.
  • All product purchases are optional. Upon registration, Distributors will receive a membership card. Business Portfolio, a non-commissionable kit is given free upon first purchase to our new Distributors. It contains Nu Skin's Policies and Procedures, Distributor Agreement and other sales and demonstration materials to assist a Distributor in starting and conducting his/ her independent business.


Am I required to purchase products to become a Distributor with Nu Skin Malaysia?


  • It is not a company requirement for a new Distributor to purchase products upon his/her registration as a Distributor. There is also no minimum amount of products that you must purchase upon registration.
  • There are existing models developed by our successful Blue Diamond Executives worldwide that you as a Distributor may choose to follow. This may include product purchases, which is based on their Upline's recommended business model. Distributors must be presented with various options upon registering as a Distributor with Nu Skin.
  • Nu Skin Malaysia is opposed to any form of forced or required purchases of Nu Skin products in order to become a Distributor. Any sponsoring of Nu Skin Distributors, which involve "forced purchases", violates the Sales Compensation Plan and the Policies and Procedures of Nu Skin. These violations are taken seriously and will be dealt with accordingly. Upon receiving reports of alleged forced purchases, Nu Skin will investigate accordingly and penalize the people concerned if we find any violation to the Sales Compensation Plan and to the Policies and Procedures.


What benefits do I get for being a Distributor and how can I earn commissions with Nu Skin?


  • As a Distributor, you can purchase the products at wholesale price or at a 30% discount from the retail price. You also have the opportunity to earn commissions based on your own sales activities as well as the sales volume activities of your downline sales organization, to whom you will provide training and support in order to be able to effectively sell the Nu Skin products.
  • Nu Skin does not pay Distributors for recruiting, sponsoring or introducing other people to become Nu Skin Distributors. The sales compensation plan of Nu Skin is a "work program" based on hard work and commitment and the continuous sales of Nu Skin products by you and your downline sales organization.
  • For more details about Nu Skin Malaysia Sales Compensation Plan, please refer to the Wealth Maximizer Plan section of the Business Portfolio.


What is the average income of Nu Skin Distributors?


It would not be prudent for Nu Skin Malaysia to comment on the average income of Distributors with various pin titles since we always emphasize that the Sales Compensation Plan is a "work program". A Distributor's long-term success and financial rewards is solely based on the individual Distributor's commitment and hard work, as an Executive and ultimately as a Sales Leader to his/her Nu Skin business and sales organization.


How do I differentiate a legitimate from an illegitimate or pyramid scheme direct selling company?


There are hundreds and thousands of direct selling companies worldwide. Below are some points, which will help you differentiate legitimate from illegitimate direct selling companies:


  • Legitimate direct selling companies have a proven track record and management team, while illegitimate direct selling companies may not be transparent with regard to its company's background or it's financial viability and stability.
  • Legitimate direct selling companies do not earn from registration of its Distributors. Therefore, legitimate ones will only charge a minimal fee for the registration of their new Distributors, while illegitimate ones will charge unreasonably high joining fees to be members, distributors or representatives.
  • Legitimate companies will only reward its Distributors or representatives based solely on product sales and will not promise fast cash or pay its sales force based on recruitment.
  • Legitimate companies offer a variety of goods and services that are of high quality at competitive prices. Illegitimate companies do not have any consumable products or services or offer only a limited range of products or services, which are unreasonably priced.
  • Legitimate companies also offer generous refund policies while illegitimate companies will make it difficult to secure refunds or have no refund policies at all.


The Direct Selling Association on Malaysia has a list of Do's and Don'ts for direct selling companies.


I have a prospect that wants some documentary proof that Nu Skin is legitimately registered to do business in Malaysia. Can I get a copy of the license issued by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer affairs?


The information that you require can be found by going to view a copy of the license. It would be helpful to have your prospect browse through our website in order to obtain further information about the company.


My husband and I are both expatriates living in Malaysia. My husband has a valid work permit but I do not. Can I register as a Distributor with Nu Skin Malaysia?


To be a Nu Skin Distributor in Malaysia, you must be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen or permanent resident and must have a NRIC.


As you are an expatriate living in Malaysia, we regret to inform you that you will be unable to register yourself successfully as a Distributor with Nu Skin Malaysia.


You may, however, refer back to your home country to be registered as a Distributor if it is one of the markets where Nu Skin currently operates in.


I am Malaysian and was previously working in another country where I had registered as a Distributor with Nu Skin. Now I am permanently in Malaysia and would like to know if I should register again with Nu Skin Malaysia?


One of the uniqueness of the Nu Skin business is its global seamless plan that enables Distributors to conduct their business and purchase products in any country that Nu Skin is present in. Therefore as a Distributor with Nu Skin you may continue to purchase products from our office in Malaysia.


However should you want to transfer your existing distributorship to a Malaysian account you may do so by submitting a letter requesting your existing distributorship be transferred to Malaysia. You will also need to submit a completed Distributor Agreement for Malaysia. Payment of RM100 as processing fees is required. For more information regarding this, you may call our Distributor Support hotline at 03.2170.7888.