Wong Ngok Mow & Tang Yee Ming

Wong Ngok Mow & Tang Yee Ming

Blue Diamond Executive

“Living in a grateful world.”

I was a professional pharmacist and my husband, Ngok Mow was the boss of a small scale computer firm before we joined Nu Skin. We have never dreamt of doing direct selling before.


We came to know of Nu Skin through my upline in March 2007, the same time when we were thinking of opening a pharmacy. As fate would have it, we would like to change our lives then, so Nu Skin’s timing was just perfect. Subsequently, after some more research on Nu Skin products, we were deeply impressed by their world class quality and scientific background. We finally understood that Nu Skin is an advanced hi-tech establishment.


We joined Nu Skin mainly because of its g3 and BioPhotonic Scanner. We had a strong conviction that g3 could be a very beneficial health supplements for a lot of families. Later, because of my upline, Desmond Teoh’s positive words during a convention in Genting, we decided to join Nu Skin instead of opening our own pharmacy. Desmond, a Blue Diamond Executive, said, “With Nu Skin business, you don’t have to open a shop because you are a mobile shop. When you go international, you can actually do big business…”


Nu Skin is not just a business, it is a gift! It is the most invaluable gift in our lives!


We thank Nu Skin for giving us a superior culture.


We thank Nu Skin for the dedication of its management team.


We thank Nu Skin for the opportunity of having such lovable downlines.


We thank Nu Skin for the chance to know our benefactors, who are our uplines Blue Diamond Executive, Desmond Teoh and Blue Diamond Executive, Dennis Wong.


We thank Nu Skin for giving us the chance to learn from a team of altruistic leaders.


We thank 10 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 11 Years, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho’s advice and training in times of need. Rayne is the wisest teacher and Angela, the most caring teacher ever!


We thank our parents for their continual moral support, forbearance and trust. We love you all! Thank you!


After being in Nu Skin business for 5 years, the greatest reward we have got is personal growth. We have learnt to be a leader with good moral values, and will keep learning for a lifetime, because we believe that only the right people can do the right thing. Nu Skin has taught us the correct way to deal with people. We have learnt to be always 100% positive, to look for opportunity in adverse situations, and how to be an influential leader.


We attained the rank of Blue Diamond Executive, a new milestone for us, when R² was launched in the United States in October 2011. Nu Skin is a great company. It gives us a new opportunity to transform our lives every time it comes up with a new technological breakthrough. This journey has made us realize that Nu Skin is indeed an inexhaustible treasure!


Through Nu Skin, we have been able to fulfill our most important dreams and goals. We promise to help our business partners to fulfill theirs. Everything has changed to better with Nu Skin, so let’s cultivate a perfect and brilliant life in Nu Skin!