Venice Yap & Chen Mun Kit

Venice Yap &
Chen Mun Kit

Executive Brand Director


“Our greatest reward is to help others discovering their purpose in life.”


“I was happy working as a Civil Engineer. I was hoping to own a lifestyle just like my boss for 2 years, until I realized what he had was not a bed of roses as I imagined,” shared Mun Kit.


Then, he started looking for alternative and options. Nu Skin happened to appear at the right time. He saw this as the opportunity to have leveraged income while helping others to achieve their goals. So without hesitation, he ventured into the business after learning about the products and business model.


“I was convinced that this business will bring a bright future, and wished for Venice, my wife (who was then my girlfriend), to join me in the business. Venice was a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. She objected strongly and rejected my suggestion because she claimed that she has heard people saying that network marketing is a scam,” he explained.


Mun Kit knew that Venice had huge potential in this. He just had to make her see the potential of this business. So, he strategized. “I invited her to the events during our dates. After a few sessions, she started to discover the truth about this business, which is totally different from what she has perceived.”


Since then, the couple has been working hand-in-hand in the business, complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


Today, they have managed to achieve their goal - to receive the crowning of Executive Brand Director. “Being a Executive Brand Director means we have successfully helped many to achieve better life, health and most importantly, achieving their goals.” This is the type of success the couple was looking for.


The couple was grateful to have many angels that have mentored, motivated and supported them along the journey. They conveyed their thanks to their uplines, Circle of Excellence III, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 8 Year Team Elite, Joseph, Janet & Phillip Cheung; Circle of Excellence III, 1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 10 Year Team Elite, Kwan Tai Chi & Charissa Lee; Executive Brand Director, Cindy Li, Leny & Guat Seng. They also thank their sideline mentors, Circle of Excellence I, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 6 Year Team Elite, KC Kang & Willing Tan; Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director, Siamy Tan & Xavier Leung and Executive Brand Director, Mew Hui for always believing and coaching them all the way. “All our sidelines and downlines were also an integral part in our journey,” thanked the business partners.


With a mission to help others who desire better life and health, the couple believed that the key to success in this business is recognizing the fact that it is not about them, but the people they love.


Their next step? To pay forward all the good deeds that our mentors and partners have done for us by helping our partners to achieve Executive Brand Director, so that more lives can be touched.


“Our greatest reward isn’t being in the spotlight. Our greatest reward is to help others finding their inner spotlight, that thing which illuminates them from within - their purpose in life,” said the new Executive Brand Directors.