Teh Kar Ling

Teh Kar Ling

Blue Diamond Executive

"Be brave to seek your dream and allow yourself to live a colorful and exciting life. Do not live an empty life!"

“Thanksgiving offers the greatest power in the universe. I give thanks to all my uplines who have supported and recognized the potential in me, making me who I am today,” proclaimed our new Blue Diamond Executive, Kar Ling.


Working as a real estate agent for three years, Kar Ling thought she has found the career of her life. “Many people would think that real estate is a profit-making company, but what Nu Skin has given to me is beyond my imagination. This is amazing! I can’t imagine what I would become if I were to put in three years of my time to go full time in Nu Skin,” storied our newly crowned Leader. “Making the right decision is more important than working hard!”


Building the Nu Skin business made her understand on how to become a better person, and to be able to help more partners to improve their lives through Nu Skin business. Besides, Kar Ling also wanted to make it to success when she is still young, when her parents are still around to witness her success. “Someone once advised that time we took to succeed needs to be faster than our parents’ aging process. I do not have a lot of time. So do my parents. Therefore, I must let her witness my success when she is still around, so that she does not need to worry about me anymore!”


During her journey in Nu Skin, she is grateful to her uplines, 3 Year Team Elite & 1 Million Dollar Circle, Evelyn Lai & Jonathan Chong; 1 Year Team Elite, Macy Wong, Ching Wei and Dion Wong, and Blue Diamond Executives, Joey Tong and Hosanna Lai for their trust and support. “They have taught me that a Leader must learn to be responsible, is not calculative on sacrifices, and to solve all problems. I also learned that Nu Skin is not a personal business, but the responsibility of a team.” Rainbow appears after storms, there is no free lunch in the world. “To the youngsters with dreams out there, you must be brave to seek your dream and allow yourself to live a colorful and exciting life. Do not live an empty life!” advised Kar Ling.