Tan Mui Ling & Loh Chee Mon

Tan Mui Ling &
Loh Chee Mon

Executive Brand Director


“There is no personal success in this business, we believe in team work.”


Chee Mon and Mui Ling decided to start their career in Singapore, as an Electrical Engineer and an IT Engineer respectively upon graduation, to earn extra from the exchange rate. Because of this decision, they spent 3-4 hours per day in the car, to get to work and home. As fresh graduates, they thought that that was all life is about - working hard and earning good income. They did not plan for the future.


After working for a year with various exposures from the real world, the 26-years olds were very skeptical about network marketing. But through the Nu Skin business sharing done by the sister and brother-in-law, Keem Shiong & Fong Yee, they began to realize that this is a platform for them to achieve more flexibility and a better life. Chee Mon and Mui Ling said: “Our opportunity was not having any opportunity prior to this”. We did not have the network, we did not have huge capital that we can invest, we did not have the knowledge and background on selling and marketing, and we did not have any experience in this industry. All we had were just sets of TRA and these products helped us to earn supplemental income, which eventually changed our lives.


They said: “We kept ourselves in positive mood, in both attitude and behavior, especially when challenges appeared. We have strong trust in our leaders, and we focus on the same goal. We know that this is the way for us to make our breakthroughs, advancement and grow.” The leaders are always searching for ways to succeed and not seeking for excuses on failures.


“After working in this business for years, we would like to thank our parents for trusting us. They’ve changed from not approving our decision to giving their full support to us and encouraged us during bad times. There is no personal success in this business, we believe in team work. Our success was made possible because of the great team of leaders we have. We would like to extend our gratitude to Circle of Excellence IV, 6 Year Team Elite Platinum & 20 Year Team Elite, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite & 11 Year Team Elite, Ong Gee & Jenny Ding; Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 12 Year Team Elite, Lilian Ong; Circle of Excellence II, 1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 4 Year Team Elite, Koh Yeok Choo & Yap Peck Kong; Circle of Excellence III, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite, Emily Yap & Chua Syer Cin; Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite, Nicholas Yeo & Gan Kok Hong and Circle of Excellence I & 3 Year Team Elite, Kho Lee Ling; Circle of Excellence I & 7 Year Team Elite, Gavin Sim & Doris Lim; Circle of Excellence I, Lee Se In & Lee Wee Hong; and of course, Circle of Excellence I & 6 Year Team Elite, Lee Keem Shiong & Loh Fong Yee, not forgetting all our sidelines who have helped and shared their success stories with us. Last but not least, I would like to thank all our business partners who have been working hard with us all this time. Thank you all for trusting us.”