Stephanie Man

Stephanie Man

Blue Diamond Executive

“You will sure to succeed if you persist. Slowly, but surely.”

Before joining Nu Skin, Stephanie was working at a stock exchange company as a licensed agent and the Assistant to Executive Director. It was a career that many wished to have.
However, the financial crisis in 1997 has changed her life. “I was a victim of the financial crisis. The restructuring of the company has caused me to lose my job. It was then that I realized that being an employee, I was unable to control my own fate. After measuring the risks and various possibilities, I decided to change my career and came out on my own to build my own business,” said Stephanie.

While she was considering the possibilities, her sister has introduced her to a friend from Singapore, the first 20 Million Dollar Circle Member in Southeast Asia, Rayne Ho, who visited Kota Kinabalu to share about the Nu Skin business. “This was how I started my Nu Skin journey.”

“Because of my passive attitude and behavior, and without any sales and networking experience, I suffered during the Nu Skin 1.0 era. But I strongly believe that there are only successful people, there is no successful business,” Stephanie was determined, and managed to handle all challenges. That was how she got to where she is today. “This is the beginning of my business. I will work harder to ensure that I’ll do well in the Nu Skin business and help the people who need our help.”

Stephanie would like to thank her angel, 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 12 Years, Rayne Ho for leading her. “Thank you Mr. Ho for his support, patience and forgiveness. A big thank you to 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 12 Years, Ms. Angela Liew for her encouragement, care and friendship. Also, my gratitude to my sideline, 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 3 Years, Chua Syer Cin, for his guidance and sacrifices,” she said gratefully. She is also grateful to the assistance provided to her by the staff members of Nu Skin Malaysia, especially to Hendridx Wong and Midori, and her downlines for their faith and encouragement. “I also want to thank Team Elite 1 Year Mr. & Mrs. Tan Teck for their help.”

Last but not least, she thanked her family, especially her sister for her unconditional love and understanding, and her two cute, independent and brave children, 梓軒and筱珺.

“You will sure to succeed if you persist. Slowly, but surely. God bless you,” encourage Stephanie to the new business builders.