Sin Yin Yin

Sin Yin Yin

Blue Diamond Executive

“Making the right choice is more important than working hard.”

“Before being introduced to Nu Skin, I was a very hardworking insurance agent. Though my income was pretty good, I knew that the insurance business would not be able to provide me with sustainable income,” recalled Yin Yin.

It was through the recommendation of a good friend that Yin Yin came to know about the TRA by Nu Skin. “My health has tremendously improved after I took TRA. I’m the product of the products, and this is given me full confidence in the company’s products. Besides, I can also see the great potential of the weight management market. My upline has also explained to me how Nu Skin 5% 6 generation sales compensation plan works. This has put an end to my life-long search for a business with sustainable income.”

Her family is her motivation to venture into the Nu Skin business. Our newly crowned Blue Diamond Executive would like to convey her gratitude to her mother who agreed and supported her. “She has witnessed my growth and change. I have become a young leader who is passionate in helping people improve their lives. I am contented and happy with my life.”

Doing the Nu Skin business is the same as all other businesses. There will still be obstacles and challenges. “I have learned to transform the challenges into motivation to strive forward. I understand that success is not given. I need to change my mindset and act aggressively towards my goal.” The sharing of her uplines has helped her to readjust her path and walk towards the pathway to success.

The new Blue Diamond Executive would like to thank her uplines, Blue Diamond Executive, Samuel Lai, Angie Koh, Lai Lee Woon & Lai Chong Sin; 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 2 Years, Evelyn Lai & Jonathan Chong; 5 Million Dollar Circle Member Team Elite 2 Years, SG Lim & Jasmine Hew and 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 9 Years, Huang Yi Ping & Chiu Jian Chang for their guidance and support. “Their sacrifices have taught me how to become a better person. Having the ability to sacrifice for others is truly a blessing.”