TSLL Enterprise - Shirley Tan & Jenny See

TSLL Enterprise - Shirley Tan & Jenny See

Blue Diamond Executive

"I never knew that the world has so much to offer until I joined Nu Skin." - Jenny See
"It is as easy as ABC. All you need to reach greater heights is to have 100% confidence on the company, its products, your uplines and most importantly, yourself." - Shirley Tan

Just by observing their method of interaction makes you realize that harmony can exist behind their different personalities. Jenny is a go-getter while Shirley is the strategist behind the partnership. Despite these constrasting approaches, the team proves to be a great and powerful partnership.

Fourteen years ago, fate brought them together through Jenny's family restaurant business and from then on, they have hand-in-hand undergone all kinds of weather - rain, storm and sunshine. They have failed in a direct-selling venture that they wholeheartedly joined many years ago and have sworn never to get involved in the industry ever again until they witnessed the enormous success of their upline, Mr Wang K’uan Ming. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

No life is a bed of roses and no business can succeed without perseverance. Jenny and Shirley live by this philosophy to sustain their optimism, especially when the journey gets bumpy. However, they never once give up and always choose to see the brighter side of life opportunity, instead of difficulty.

"Our Nu Skin business gives us a reason to work harder. It is a pure, sincere and genuine business. Unlike some organizations that focus on gaining profit only, Nu Skin ensures our hard work is recognized accordingly. It is always committed to giving back to the community via the Force For Good Foundation. It is the perfect business amalgamation of the mind, heart and soul. Besides, its seamless global compensation plan allows us to soar as high as the sky!" Shirley enthused.

Nu Skin has changed their lives in many ways. Now, they have the privilege of deciding when and how they want to manage their time. They have also made many genuine friends as well as business partners. "It feels great each time we have someone to share our happiness and achievements," Jenny added. Most importantly, they have developed the kind of confidence they never thought they could obtain. "We feel very good about ourselves now as our physical well beings have improved so palpably in such a short time. Really, Nu Skin business and its products contributed to this!" they agreed in unity.

Their routine of perseverance became their foundation of triumph. Their determination and commitment paid off. They targeted to achieve the Blue Diamond title in five years' time when they first ventured into the business three years ago. Look where they are now? "It is just the beginning of the journey. We will definitely accomplish more in the future!" Jenny quipped.

As a parting shot, Jenny and Shirley shared some advice for new business builders. "Take the initiative to really know about Nu Skin and you will understand why we are so committed!" they said excitably. Towards Team Elite!