Pon Hon Kong & Ivy Wong

Pon Hon Kong &
Ivy Wong

Executive Brand Director


“Understand your WHY and BELIEVE in Nu Skin.”


“What are the risks of doing it and not doing it?” The answers to this question have driven Pon Hon Kong and Ivy Wong into the Nu Skin business and helping people to achieve success after realizing that Nu Skin is THE platform for those who wishes to have a good health and achieve leveraged income.


“Before joining the Nu Skin business, Ivy and I were tour guides. We earned good income, but had no time to enjoy life. I was looking for opportunity as I realized that I would have no income if I do not work. Thanks to Nu Skin, we now have the flexibility to work on our own terms,” announced the Executive Brand Director.


No one said that this business is easy. But it is possible. “There are always ups and downs in any business, but because of our strong WHY and BELIEF in the Nu Skin opportunity, the encouragement from a great team, our committed downlines, we persevered,” said the former licensed tour guide.


The couple set their goal to become Executive Brand Director along the way, inspiring their team to do the same. “Many said ‘NO’, but we never gave up, because this is our business. We continue in looking for people who wish to have the flexibility to arrange their time for work and family as well as to have good health,” explained Hon Kong.


The couple admitted that their daughter, Mimi, is their constant motivator and the WHY for them to take on this business. “Our success in becoming the Executive Brand Director has also inspired Mimi to do her best in life. We are very proud of her,” shared the proud father.


With the launch Nu Skin ageLOC Technology, the business builders have made helping their team members to achieve Executive Brand Director themselves as their goal.


With a loving and caring heart, the business leaders pledged to help more children along the way. “Together with the team, we are looking forward to save more children with Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children initiative and Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund, they really need our help. Let us change the world by helping the children, together.”


Both Hon Kong and Ivy would like to convey their thanks to their uplines, Circle of Excellence III, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 8 Year Team Elite, Joseph, Janet & Philip Cheung; Circle of Excellence III, 1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 10 Year Team Elite, Tai Chi & Charissa; Circle of Excellence I & 2 Year Team Elite, Monita Lo; Executive Brand Director, Judy Lai, Bitty Ng, Zoey & Phoebe for their support, guidance and teaching, their sidelines, Circle of Excellence I, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 6 Year Team Elite, KC Kang & Willing Tan; Executive Brand Director, Dahniel Poon & Sylvia Liang; Circle of Excellence I, Siamy Tan & Xavier Leung; Circle of Excellence I, Ong Hock Seng; Executive Brand Director, Glenda Lee & Oliver Lim and all leaders who have helped them along the way. “We feel your love and care.”