P&C GLOBAL VENTURES - Penny Lim & Chuah Seng Yuan

Penny Lim &
Chuah Seng Yuan

Blue Diamond Executive

"There is no rehearsal in life, and neither is there a second chance. So let's live a colorful life!"

Worked in a public listed real estate corporation previously, Penny understood that plain employment was neither her dream, nor would it help her in achieving her dream. Therefore, she cleverly made used of her free time to take up professional beauty courses offered by established England institution, hoping to open her own beauty salon one day to realize the dream of her life. “Being a boss sounds easy, but in fact, it was very difficult. Capital and monetary investment remained to be the ultimate problem. It was during my financial difficulty that I came to know about Nu Skin and the platform it offers,” said our new Blue Diamond Executive.


Besides offering an extraordinary lifestyle, Nu Skin has also helped in offering Penny with time and financial freedom, together with improved health and a chance to enhance her personal development. “Most importantly, I have become a better person through Nu Skin Force For Good culture. Nu Skin has helped me from being a zero to a hero.


Before joining Nu Skin, Seng Yuan was working as an Investment Banker at Principal Financial Group, a Fortune 500 company. One day, he suddenly paused and asked himself: “What kind of lifestyle am I looking for?” He has always wanted to provide a better life to his parents and family. However, what he was doing then was unable to realize his dream. “Because of this, I decided to venture into the Nu Skin business. Nu Skin is a people business. One would need to run this business as a business leader, leading by example to lead the partners to strive hard toward success. Duplicate, Duplicate and Duplicate!”


“Nu Skin is a thanksgiving business. I would like to take this opportunity to thank 4 Year Team Elite Platinum, 21 Year Team Elite & 20 Million Dollar Circle, Wang Kuan Ming & Chen Ming Chu; 3 Year Team Elite Platinum, 18 Year Team Elite & 10 Million Dollar Circle, Mr & Mrs Robert Wang; 1 Year Team Elite & 1 Million Dollar Circle, Cheng Wei Tse and Blue Diamond Executive, Lin Chi Yu for their encouragement and support.” Meanwhile, they would also like to thank the downlines and sidelines for their trust and Nu Skin’s management and all the staff members for their contribution and assistance, as well as their parents, spouse, children and family members for their understanding and consistent support.


There is no rehearsal in life, and neither is there a second chance. So let’s live a colorful life!