Penny Kam & Cash Wong

Penny Kam &
Cash Wong

Blue Diamond Executive

“Everybody can succeed in this business if they dare to have the vision to strive for a better future.”

Penny Kam and Cash Wong was just an ordinary couple before joining Nu Skin. Penny was a yoga teacher while Cash owned a traditional business.
“Yoga is the art of mastering your physical, mental and spiritual strength for internal tranquillity,” explained Penny who has been a yoga teacher since 2004. Driven by her passion in yoga, Penny conducted classes every day. Her classes paid well, but she had to sacrifice her family time. Her husband and their 18-year-old son were unhappy about this.

When her yoga center closed down, things became worse as Penny needed to compete with others for classes.

In 2010, Blue Diamond Executive, Andy Wong & Annie Woo, her upline whom she sees as her angels, shared the Nu Skin opportunity with her, but she was skeptical about the direct selling industry then.

A set of TRA opened her mind in April 2011 when the product managed to provide effective results, giving her more confidence in the company. Though with doubt, she shared her personal experience and results received from the TRA program with her family and friends.

As time goes by and with much guidance from her guardian angels, Penny finally decided to pursue the business, with the support given to her by the husband. “I supported her fully, but I also told her that she had to change her perception and mindset to succeed. However, I was upfront, telling her that I would not be joining her!” Cash laughed as he recalled his advice to Penny’s decision.

A shift in belief happened at the 2012 Greater China Convention in Hong Kong. The couple found the future that they were searching for – a future of time and financial freedom for 3 generations: their parents, themselves and their children.

Without any previous experience in sales, Cash took the challenge and joined Penny to strive for a better future together. Successfully achieving Blue Diamond Executive under a year in the business, they wanted to thank their leaders, 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 12 Years, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; Blue Diamond Executive uplines, Andy Wong & Annie Woo; all the Million Dollar Circle Member leaders, supportive sidelines and downlines who trusted and believed in them.

Cash concluded by saying: “Our short journey to success exposed us to great challenges, but the challenges did not defeat us, but have strengthen our belief and confidence in the business. Everybody can succeed in this business if they dare to dream, dare to face challenges and have the vision to strive for a better future. Together we will succeed.”

Penny, the former yoga instructor described her new life with Nu Skin as the core of her life. “In yoga, we seek for the central universe within us, where everything revolves around it, creating strength and balance. Now, I’ve found a new universe within me for my life to revolve around - Nu Skin.”