Ong Geok Chin & Ong Yok Len

Ong Geok Chin &
Ong Yok Len

Executive Brand Director


Born and raised in a small village in Kluang – Paloh, Yok Len and Geok Chin did not have the courage to aim for bigger goals. In fact, they did not even dare to imagine themselves achieving outstanding success. A loyal teacher who taught at the same secondary school for 12 years, Yok Len enjoyed what she did and was responsible and committed to her job and duties. “As a mother of five, I lived an ordinary life with not much excitement. My daily routine was to travel from home to school and vice versa. Geok Chin, on the other hand, was a homemaker who dedicated her time and effort in taking care of her husband and three daughters, ensuring that her spouse was comfortable and healthy and her children were doing well in school,” storied Yok Len.


Several years ago, God shined his grace unto these sisters and their lives were transformed by TRA. The weight management system did not only transform their lives physically, but boosting their confidence level and allowing them to look healthier and prettier. On top of these, it also led them into a new doorway of success, into leveraged income and the flexibility to arrange time for their family.


Blessed with loving and caring hearts, the sisters started sharing the TRA system and other quality Nu Skin’s products with their relatives and friends. Without realizing it, their organization began to grow and expands from Malaysia to Singapore in the South and Kuantan in the East. They set their footprint across the peninsular.


There was definitely great motivation behind the change from living in their comfort zone to building a business. To these sisters, their greatest motivation in pushing them toward understanding the business further and taking the step courage to move away from their comfort zone to working hard to seek for breakthrough and changes was the support given to them by their loved ones and family.


Geok Chin: “My mom is above 60 years old, but she is very supportive of us joining the Nu Skin business. She always calls and checks us up. Her constant loving care was what motivated me to do well in this business, so that I will make her proud and grant her the peace of mind.”


Yok Len’s five lovely boys are the products of Nu Skin’s products. They have been using and taking Nu Skin’s products all these years and have always been strong and energetic. “My five children are my motivators. I would feel vigorous, refreshed and all ready to strive towards my goals knowing that they are waiting at home for my success.”


It was not a calm ride in their journey to achieving the Executive Brand Director. There were rough storms and challenging situations. But the sisters were determined in their belief and focused on their goal to success. They knew that their success story is able to help and become a motivational tool to their partners to race to the peak. With this in mind, they did not only achieve their Executive Brand Director, but also created a new Executive Brand Director in their team in the same month. Their success has not only made their family and friend proud, but proven that Nu Skin is a business for everyone.