Kimmy Tan

Kimmy Tan

Blue Diamond Executive

There is cause and effect to everything! But whatever the outcome, it will benefit me.


This is a business of gratitude. Nu Skin’s corporate philosophy of ‘Everybody has the right to a good life and good products’ has made me what I am today. I am grateful to my uplines, 10 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 11 Years, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew, One Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 2 Years Ong Gee and 丁立丽, Blue Diamond Executive, 何文豪, Blue Diamond Executive 黄文富 and 马如珍 for all their support and encouragement, as well as my trusting downlines. Apart from that, I would like to thank my husband and family members for their altruistic support, especially my grandfather for being such a helpful soul that has made me a better man!


I have always longed for freedom and I believe people who love freedom should start their own business. A call from a friend in Singapore has completely transformed my life. To give her support, I began to use Nu Skin products. Then she popped the question one day—“When are you going overseas next?”—and the simple dialogue immediately awakened my hidden dream. I was in heavy debts then, but I believed I had to change my life to get closer to my dreams, so I ended my fashion retailing business and went full time into Nu Skin business! 


There have been a lot of challenges and problems along the way, but they never weakened my goal in Nu Skin. When I won the incentive trip to Shanghai in 2006, my conviction was further strengthened. When TRA™ was launched in 2007, I decided that it was a rare opportunity and I got ready to sprint. That was the time when I, who had an operation to take out a hormone-induced tumour and had been declared infertile ever since, discovered that I was pregnant! I was incapacitated by the pregnancy to a certain degree, but fuelled with ecstasy and staunch confidence in Nu Skin products, without recruiting new downlines, I managed to hit my target in one year, which had earned my brother and sister a Korean trip as a result. 


Subsequently I managed to qualify for the Phuket and Gold Coast incentive trips, and achieve Emerald Executive title. I realised a few dreams too, of course:

(1)        A new house and overseas trip for the whole family,

(2)        A lot more time to be with my parents and children and settle some generation gaps!

(3)        A healthy body


Never forget your initial aspirations. Turn obstacles into leverage. Go all out to achieve your goal. Then your dreams will come true!