Kho Kien Lok

Kho Kien Lok

Blue Diamond Executive

“Success can only be achieved through teamwork.”

“Network Marketing was not for me, but for the unemployed!” This was what Kien Lok had in mind before knowing Nu Skin. 

Holding a Master‘s Degree in Electrical Engineering backed with years of business experiences across the Central and South of America, and Europe, Kien Lok had never thought that he would return to Malaysia, until recession hit the States in 2008.

“I returned for a break, a much needed one, and was on my way to China for new business venture in 2010. God touched me along the way and brought me to Nu Skin,” shared the angelic business builder. 

“God opened my eyes and showed me the power of leveraging and duplication. By helping my business partners to achieve greater heights in their lives, I get rewarded with long term high residual income,” explained Kien Lok.

It is all about massive action. “On a typical day, I have 5-7 appointments. Being away from Malaysia for more than 20 years made it very challenging. I didn’t know many people. Many times I was frustrated and depressed. Through prayers and staying focused on my goal, I resolved the challenges along the way. Every time I overcame a challenge, I gained more strength and experience,” shared the leader. 

He is grateful that through this business, his 75 years old mother is healthier and does not need to rely much on medication anymore.

The newly crowned leader believes that success can only be achieved through teamwork. “I am privileged to be able to work with a team of highly efficient leaders. I would like to thank 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 19 Years, Mr and Mrs Wang Kuan Ming for their mentoring; Blue Diamond Executive, Hilda Pang; Blue Diamond Executive, Aileen Tan & Kenny Tay; Blue Diamond Executive, Levia Ng and my working uplines; Emerald Executive, Kueh Teck Hii & Stephanie Kho, and Ruby Executive, Moh Koh Chin for their support and guidance.” Kien Lok did not forget to thank his team for their teamwork and confidence in him.  

“Let’s all Go Double Double and Go Turkey in 2014!” urge the newly crowned Blue Diamond Executive.