K H Ng & Loo Sia Fong

KH Ng &
Silvia Sia Fong

Blue Diamond Executive
“Knowing where you are heading is the key to achieving greater success in life!”

Able to retire at a very young age, KH and Sia Fong attributed their success in Nu Skin to their simple desire for change.

“After 4 years in an international audit firm and as an expatriate for over 15 years, I realized that it was not the life I wanted,” recalled KH who wanted a more colorful and meaningful life for himself and his family.

To Sia Fong, who had a different goal in life, she was happy that she managed to achieve her goal at the age of 26 and became a doting mother who enjoyed a relaxing hobby of art and design.

“I completed my professional examinations in the shortest time possible but immediately retired from the position of Finance Manager after being qualified as ACMA and CGMA!” quips Sia Fong, whose ultimate dream was to become a young and beautiful lady of leisure with a professional qualification.

It was during their most comfortable time that they started to wonder if there could be more to life than all they had. Coincidentally, they were introduced to the Nu Skin products, culture, vision and the concept of passive income through a seamless international business opportunity.

“We fell madly in love with Nu Skin, and that love was reciprocated bountifully!” they said, giving special thanks to 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 12 Years, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; their upline, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 1 Year, Helen Ng & Philip Bay; Blue Diamond Executive, Desmond Teoh,  Dr. Teoh Boon Hooi & Christine Khor; Blue Diamond Executive, Andy Wong & Annie Woo; their sideline leaders including 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 4 Years, Ong Gee & Jenny Ding; 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 3 Years, Emily Yap & Chua Syer Chin and 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 3 Years, Nicholas Yeo & Gan Kok Hong for their coaching and mentoring, care and encouragement, support and leadership; and to Nu Skin Management team for their support and guidance.

“Our most valuable reward is achieving personal growth and learning how to give. Together, this world will be a better place one person at a time when we pay it forward, in gratitude to all who have helped us.” said KH.  

“We are grateful for our parents’ support and understanding, and the strength of our lovely children, Kiki, Niki and Bobby during our fighting days for time and financial freedom. It started with us wanting a change, but they reminded us of our goals every day. I guess knowing where you are heading is the key to achieving greater success in life!” concluded Sia Fong.

With such supporting children and being such dedicated leaders, there is nothing that can stop this dynamic couple.