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Jason Lai

Blue Diamond Executive

“All heroes have their success stories, but only through good teamwork, that they could win the world.”

“Nu Skin business is nothing different from any traditional business.” This amazing statement was uttered by the newly promoted Blue Diamond Executive, Jason Lai, as many that were interviewed in the past said differently.

“Well, first of all, Nu Skin is, as we all know, another premium brand in the market,” said the young entrepreneur. “And quality brands are often associated with high quality and the finest results. I have always believed in ‘Branding’ and understood the importance to market a premium brand. And so, when I heard that there was an opportunity for me to market this magnificent brand, immediately I took up the challenge.”

“Knowing what a great team of in-house Scientists and the huge number of professional Scientific Advisory Board members there are to support us with the knowledge and skills needed, how the development team in U.S. would not settle until the finest and most innovative products are released, and seeing the effort and energy that every staff and member at Nu Skin Enterprises have put into, I have no reservation to market these quality products. I also believe that there should be no doubt for any Executive to succeed in this business.”

“Secondly, both in the Nu Skin business and the traditional business, we too, have followers who look up to us as Leaders. And we need to build and mold them to become good leaders in the future. They are just being identified differently. In the Nu Skin business, they are called the downlines, while in the traditional business, they are known as the employees or workers,” Jason added. “In that aspect, there is really not much difference in the two industries.”

“Nevertheless, the Nu Skin business does create better chances to succeed because it is less risky with more freedom and flexibility. So it only made sense to choose a business that is easier to accomplish!” Jason encouraged. “I have a great team that contributed to my success. All heroes have their success stories, but only through good teamwork, that they could win the world.”

With that in mind, Jason would like to extend his gratitude to his mentors - his father; 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 5 years, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew; and his Sponsor, Team Elite, Dr. Tan Teck. And a big thank you to his beloved wife, Jinelle, and supportive business partners, Jay Loh and Edward Lee.