Givene Wong & Kentt Yap

Givene Wong &
Kentt Yap

Blue Diamond Executive

“Confidence, fortitude and courage will conquer all. The fearless will rule.” “Always keep the faith.”

Kentt Yap was running her own family business. She was the envy of many people, but little did they know the immense pressure behind the glorious front. It was Nu Skin that piqued the entrepreneur and adventurer in her.  She likes the company and its products. She likes its positive energy. She loves to help people succeed and she loves the financial and time freedom in Nu Skin business. She appreciates the cooperation among her downlines and side lines. She really adores the teamwork culture. Because of all these, Kentt has been with Nu Skin for a long time. “Nu Skin business has reset my thinking about success. Real success comes from helping other people fulfil their dreams, improving their quality of life and creating success for them.” She vows to help more people achieve success, and in so doing, build a career for herself and repay the society actively. “I’m thankful to all the guardian angels in my life because they have made me realise that one can only live the moment when you forget about present worries. And that you reap more by giving more. In life, the most difficult person to see through is yourself. I’m grateful for all the encouragement, recognition, nurture and trust that have helped me see through myself, so that I can break through! I believe that if we are willing to face challenges, to accept the honing from people and events, we can become stronger and achieve much more in life!” 


Before joining Nu Skin, Givene Wong was running her own restaurant. She started her Nu Skin business after trying out some Nu Skin products that transformed her skin. She believe that, in order to succeed, the most important thing is to believe in the company, products and oneself and that one will definitely succeed in Nu Skin business. It is critical to build confidence and conviction in the business. “Success does not come easy. It only comes from honing. It is impossible to wake up one day and find ourselves successful just after a few years. We must nurture successful habits, which may be small matters or big issues, like being responsible for and going all out in everything you do, punctuality, being thankful, treating others with kindness, integrity and the willingness to take responsibility. “I always remind myself to practise these good habits because success is still a long way. But I’m beginning to appreciate the significance of these good habits and will nurture them for life.”