Cindy Tong

Cindy Tong

Blue Diamond Executive

“Have a Dream, and Dream Big!”

Faney and Cindy were against direct selling as they have joined many direct selling companies for the past 40 years, and were disappointed by most of them. “We became members only to enjoy the distributor price offered by the companies.”

But Nu Skin has successfully changed their mindset towards Direct Selling as they have personally experienced the miraculous transformation of TRA. “TRA does not only give us our health back, it also boosted our confidence and changed our lives,” commented the former Senior Technical Specialists.
Having worked in the same company for 14 years before venturing into this business, the loyal business builders admitted: “Initially, we just wanted to try the product to improve our health. We have never thought of going into the business. We shared the products with our friends and relatives after we saw the results, hoping that they will have better heath and greater confidence like us.”

Nu Skin 25th Anniversary Trip to Gold Coast, Australia, in 2010 marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. “We love holidays, hence we were extremely excited when we heard about the trip and pledged to make it there. It was during this trip that we discover how Nu Skin can offer us a chance to change the lives of many. We went from having no dream to owning this big dream of helping people improve in their lives. We believe that this is possible as long as we continue to believe and persist in building the business.”

In order to succeed in Nu Skin, they believe that they just need to enjoy the ride. “We keep reminding ourselves to enjoy the journey, either during the glorious moments when we achieve our goals or disappointing hours when we were rejected. The experiences are what made us successful at the end of the day.”

“In order to succeed, one must first have a dream, and continue to dream big. Believe in what you can do and persist till the end to make it happen,” thus the advice given by the new Blue Diamond Executive.

Both Faney and Cindy were grateful to their uplines, 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 12 Years, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho. They would also like to thank the Million Dollar Circle Members and Blue Diamond Executives for their guidance and leadership. Their mother, siblings, and business partners whom they have worked with, were also among those within their thank you list.