Chua Li Chen & Lai Set Yee

Chua Li Chen &
Lai Set Yee

Blue Diamond Executive

“Have faith and persist!”

Introduced to Nu Skin years ago, Li Chen, a Beautician and owner of a beauty salon has no problem promoting Nu Skin’s products. Her biggest challenge, however, is leveraging on the network and teammates she has built.

Last September, she was introduced to Nu Skin 2.0 with the emergence of ageLOC technology. “My sponsor, Jason Lai came to see me and told me about the new technology - ageLOC. After hearing its uniqueness, I pledged to become a business builder,” Li Chen said.

With the momentum sustained by the company, Li Chen was able to leverage on this new technology and made every single effort count. “Nu Skin has provided a very solid and positive platform for us to leverage, without which I may not be able to achieve my success in such a short period of time,” said the mother of two.

Having achieved financial and time freedom through Nu Skin business, Li Chen can now travel around the world with her family - her source of energy, and spend quality time with her loved ones. She is grateful to have the full support from her family. “It would not be easy if I have not gotten support from them. They are my daughters, Set Yee and Leong Tai, my parents and my siblings. I want to thank you for your love to me.”

Standing now at the starting point to her next chapter in life, she would like to encourage all young business builders to have faith and determination in this business. “Nu Skin is a long term business. It is fair and simple. As long as you believe in it, you will be able to make it.” urged Li Chen.

She owes her success to her uplines, Blue Diamond Executive, Jason Lai & Jay Loh for their guidance and care, 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 12 Years, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho for sharing their vision, love and support, all her sidelines for their encouragement and leadership, as well as the Nu Skin Management team for their support.