Ching Koi Hua & Yap Kim Chuan

Ching Koi Hua &
Yap Kim Chuan

Blue Diamond Executive

“To succeed is a responsibility; to persevere is victory!”

Prior to joining Nu Skin, Koi Hua was the manager in a manufacturing company. Although she had tried many products from other direct selling companies, she had never taken the time to understand the real meaning of direct selling. However, this was later changed by Pharmanex products. “The struggles of working in the manufacturing industry for over 20 years almost cost me my health and the achievement I had gained was little. Pharmanex products did not only help me regain my health, but also  taught me more about the products and improved my knowledge about the Nu Skin “Force for Good” culture, the compensation plan and globalized business platform.”

About four and a half years ago, this manager was lucky enough to meet her mentor at a Nu Skin convention. The sharing of this Nu Skin leader managed to convince Koi Hua who had been dreaming about becoming a successful entrepreneur since young, to give up her career and devote herself to the Nu Skin business. “This business has fulfilled my dream and ambition. In the previous years, I installed my trust, continued to learn and improve, worked hard under my upline’s advice and became an example of a simple belief - living the Nu Skin’s life,” says Koi Hua of her success that is the result of the hard work she has invested.

Although the path was filled with challenges, Koi Hua set her objective and was devoted to the business with the right attitude, believing that success was just ahead. “Persevere, persevere, continue to persevere, and we will gain victory in due cause.” These words of confidence are the results of a strong commitment to succeed. Despite challenges, this passion and willpower is what enables these leaders to continue spreading the seed of Nu Skin’s Force for Good culture globally to help more people so they too can achieve their dreams and enjoy a better living!

“Thank you Nu Skin for providing quality products and a platform to succeed that has allowed us to become independent people filled with greater beauty, health and freedom. Besides, we would also like to thank our uplines 20 Million Dollar Circle Members and Team Elite 15 Years Mr. & Mrs. Wang K’uan Ming, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 5 Years Mr. & Mrs. See Kwang Seng, Blue Diamond Executive Mr. & Mrs. August Mok and Mr. & Mrs. John Heo for their guidance. Thank you for letting us experience a different lifestyle!”

“Nu Skin is not just a business that can create financial independence, but it’s also one that provides fulfillment,” say the leaders who are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this business that has brought so many blessings.