Beh Lian Yim & Chua Kean Eng

Beh Lian Yim & Chua Kean Eng

Blue Diamond Executive

“Begin with a belief and persistence until the end.”

My whole life was transformed by the TRA™ 3 years ago!


I used to be an administration executive before I joined Nu Skin. I did not like to socialise, and my husband had to accompany me wherever I went. My friends called me ‘the greenhouse flower’. Because of that, I spent a lot of time waiting then − waiting to go off work, for salary and retirement.


But my life has changed for the better ever since I took the first set of TRA™. I see a transformation in my appearance, but more important than that, I have grown wiser since I took part in Nu Skin business. From the greenhouse flower, I have become a shepherd for my downlines. I am happy and positive, I have dreams, and I have learnt to be grateful.


Nu Skin business is actually fairly simple. I have attained some success today because I do not complicate matters. Just believe in your uplines and follow through. As long as you are willing to change, you will do well in Nu Skin. The most important thing is to believe in yourselves and take the first step.


I am forever grateful to 10 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 11 Years, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho, all Million Dollar Circle Members and my uplines who have seen me through. My thanks also go to Nu Skin staff, my parents, my husband and sidelines for their encouragement and assistance. Last but not least, I would like to thank all my downlines for their trust in me!