US Worldwide - Alvin Yong & Teresa Ting

US Worldwide -
Alvin Yong &
Teresa Ting

Blue Diamond Executive

“Life is not where you are now, but your future actions and where you are going!”

Teresa has been searching hard for her goal in life. She used to be a financial reporter for a well-known local chinese daily. Then she took part in some motivation courses and became a trainer. She had also worked as the administration manager in a public listed company. She even started her own business, but she never did find the true calling, the one field that would enable her to realise her full potential, until she found Nu Skin. She believes that she can transform the fate of a million families through Nu Skin.     


Both Teresa and her husband Alvin worked in the same industry. Alvin, an assistant supervisor of the photography division, did not like direct selling much but he did not stop Teresa from joining Nu Skin. He was not into sales, let alone direct sales. He could not sell, and did not have a good educational background, so he did not go for big dreams. Imagine his surprise when he could own his dream car and realise his full potential! Now he knows that he can help other people realise their dreams through Nu Skin. 


The couple feel that the biggest benefit they get from Nu Skin is not just the money. They are now closer together and they are enjoying a closer tie with their family. They have worked hard together in Nu Skin, and that has helped them understand each other better, thereby consolidating their love for each other and turning their marriage into a blissful one.


Apart from that, they have influenced their business partners greatly by roping in their spouses, and that has helped expedite the achievement of their targets within a shorter time, producing lucrative incomes and fulfilling their dreams in the process.


Teresa and Alvin hold the tenet that the important thing in life is not where you are now, but your future actions and where you are going. They strongly believe that as long as you are willing to change, everything is possible regardless of your present situation! Well, they have proven it. If they can do it, so can you!