Aaryn Choo Fui Thin & Jeremy Ong

Aaryn Choo Fui Thin & Jeremy Ong

Executive Brand Director


“In Nu Skin, we re-discovered our dreams which were once lost! It has made them greater and brighter! Dare to dream and Go after it!”


When we were young, our goals were clear and great. As time goes by, changes happened, and they become distorted and less important.

Aaryn and Jeremy both had great hopes and big goals when they graduate. They have invested their time and effort into the fashion designing and Oil and Gas industries, hoping to achieve the goals that they have since young. However, after many years of hard work, they discovered that there was a huge gap between reality and goal. They began to question themselves and doubted about their goals.

“Engineer and fashion designer were merely our titles. They were unable to provide us with interesting and wonderful lifestyle,” Aaryn explained.

After getting to know about Nu Skin, they were in love with the culture, and its evidence on ‘The Difference. Demonstrated.’ “Since then, we see it as our dream career - a business for us to put all our hearts and minds into, and a continuous product and business opportunity that we can work on for life,” commented this pair of newly crowned Executive Brand Director.

“Thank you Nu Skin for becoming our turning point in life, providing us with a colorful lifestyle. Thanks to our team and sidelines for their continuous support and help, allowing us to share this life-turning opportunity to many families, helping them to achieve greater success,” said the couple.

They also thank their uplines for helping them to set their mission and direction, setting the future for their next generation. This has also given them the power to help their downlines in achieving the same success as themselves.  

“For our success, we want to thank our upline, Circle of Excellence III & 4 Year Team Elite, Jasmine Hew, for her continuous guidance and leadership, providing us the chance to get to see our life clearer through Nu Skin. That’s when we saw our future. With keen belief and willingness to comprehend, we took small steps during our journey, taking one step at a time, making it to where we are today.”

They would also like to thank their parents and families for their support, allowing them to concentrate on building their team without worries. “Nu Skin has helped us and our family to succeed. It’ll also be able to help you!” Aaryn encouraged.

“We re-discovered the dreams we once had through Nu Skin. They become greater and bigger! Dare to Dream, and go after it!” This was the inspiration the couple received from Nu Skin. How about you?