Sunright Questions & Answers

新顧客? 今天就註冊!
新顧客? 今天就註冊!

Sunright Questions & Answers

Can children use this product?Adults and children six months and over can use Sunright BodyBlock products. Parents should consult a doctor for children under six months.

Are Sunright BodyBlock SPF 15 and 30 waterproof?

They are water-resistant, and allow 80 minutes of uninterrupted water play without having to reapply.

What is the proper application of sunscreen?

Initially apply your sunscreen to dry skin approximately 15 to 30 minutes before going outside. If you are going to be under the sun for long amounts of time you need to reapply your sunscreen every 80 minutes.

How much sunscreen do I need to apply?

The two-finger rule is a great way to make sure you apply the correct amount of sunscreen. See FYI section.

What does SPF stand for?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF is a factor of how long you can remain unprotected in the sun without burning. For example, if you begin to burn after 10 minutes in the sun then applying a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 will allow you to remain in the sun for 150 minutes before beginning to burn.

Is lip tissue different than our skin tissue?The structure of the skin on our lips is actually different than other skin. Lips do not have the same protective outer layer, or stratum corneum. Nor do lips have the same amount of oil and sweat glands to add moisture to skin. As a result, moisture quickly evaporates from the lips causing them to dry out easily.