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Sandra Maisinger


Hello, my name is Sandra Maisinger, I am 31 years old, happily married and a mum of three wonderful children. They are 4, 7, and 11 years old.


Three years ago, I started my own business and opened a small beauty studio. After a short while, I had to take care of so many customers that I hardly spent time with my family.


My husband works in shifts, which means that a regular family life has not been possible for us for  the longest time.


The situation therefore only got worse when I became professionally independent.


We could only take care of the children in shifts. When my husband came back home, I was the one leaving for work and the other way around.


At this point I realized that this situation couldn’t continue like this any longer!


Therefore, I started  looking for a way to lighten my husband’s load, , who has been looking after our family day in, day out for over 12 years. THAT was always my greatest goal: to get my husband out of the shift work.


In addition to that, I have always wanted to be a hands-on mother for my children, the one who is always there when they need me and who does not need to ask her superior at work for permission to leave earlier.  I wanted a job that perfectly fits my family life and still  brings me closer to reaching all my goals – which is working from home and never being apart from my loved ones.


Along my search I came across Nu Skin which made me start all over and soon, I realised that this was the best decision of my life! Today, two years later, I have a team of over 250 people.


Currently, I am at the stage where I can finally see my husband leading the shift work soon!


I have not run my studio as much as I used to  in a while and only spend no more than one or two days per month working there.


That was my goal and I never lost sight of it: to look after my family without being away from them for long hours.  


My three children were never an excuse for me, because they are the reason I am doing all of this.


Working with Nu Skin fulfills me completely -  our dreams are coming true by helping others to fulfill their dreams and that makes me the happiest person ever!


September 2021


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