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Gemma Diaz Godayol - Emerald Director


My name is Gemma, I'm 42 years old, and I'm from Vic (Barcelona). I started my professional career as an advertising model by chance while studying natural medicine. Thanks to the fashion industry, I had the opportunity to travel around the world and live in countries like Japan, China, India and South Africa, among others. My daughter was born, and everything changed completely. I was forced to stop travelling, but luckily it was then that Nu Skin appeared to me. Suddenly I saw the opportunity to one day achieve what I longed for the most: to be able to balance my personal and professional life. I didn't doubt it for a moment – my family is the most important thing to me!


From the very first moment, Nu Skin captivated me through its fantastic products. One of my best friends used them for a while, and I saw a radical change in her skin. With products of quality and demonstrable efficacy, who could tell me that there was no business here? My Nu Skin adventure transformed me in many aspects, mostly personal, such as becoming more patient. I am very impulsive – I want everything “yesterday” and this career has taught me that we must have patience, that we have to wait, that we have to work hard, that managing teams with very different personalities is not easy, but that the best is still to come. If you persevere, sooner or later the seed germinates, and the team grows. You do what you can to help everyone, you share all kinds of experiences, and this is priceless. One of the most memorable moments for me is when someone from your team calls to thank you for the opportunity you are giving them to improve their quality of life. It is essential to visualise success and above all, believe that we can achieve it. We must focus on our objectives and take action. Without these premises, there is no business. For example, it helps me to put my goals in writing as this way I make commitments to myself, I am more aware of the scope of everything in my work, and I never forget because I leave everything hanging in a visible place. I also try to always be focused and to do at least one Nu Skin related thing every day, such as reading, talking about a product, making a videoconference with the team or anything else – the important thing is to always be connected. If you do this for 21 days in a row, it automatically enters your DNA and will become a natural thing to do.


I started this business very quickly. I contacted a multitude of people, and in one year, I became Ruby, but just one month later, I dropped everything. I guess at that time, I was not prepared to manage the situation, and I spent a year "flatlining", as I call it. I was totally unmotivated, nobody entered my team, and things didn't work well until I changed my energy again, started thinking positively, and everything flowed; little by little the whole collection of hard-working girls and good people that I have in my team appeared. Seen in hindsight, I can conclude that many of the things that don’t work are purely in our heads. That is why, from my own experience, I have learned to manage these types of situations with my team. I normalise the situation, I talk a lot with them, and they know that at some point this type of blockage does not happen to everyone, that we must look inside and try to see what it is that we’re really doing wrong.


In low moments it is essential to focus on the positive things and think with a cool head. Many times I tell my team that I never really thought about quitting because I am very stubborn. Honestly, however, at times when it was not clear, I did think that perhaps this wasn’t for me, but In the end, I always had a little voice that told me: here you are... this is what you want most, persevere and it will work out... In the same way, it is also human, and it has happened to me, to think that you will not succeed. Of course, I have thought about it, and in fact, even now I sometimes wonder if I am a good leader since I have a lot to learn, but I am really calm because everything I do, I do it from my heart, and if something does not go as I thought, I am convinced that next time it will be better.


I 100% enjoy leading my entire team by simply being one of them, never leaving them alone, supporting them at all times and sharing all kinds of experiences to grow together personally and professionally. Work with your heart and with positive energy: these are the keys to your business.


January 2020




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