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Office is live!




Office is an entirely new Distributor experience that puts the tools you need at the edge of your fingertips. It is packed with exciting new technology and features that will redefine the way you think about running your business. Office will simplify your business, help you focus your actions and increase productivity.


We are excited for you to take advantage of these new tools and experience the demonstrated difference they will have on your business.






Next Steps - Reach your goals!


Next Steps is the easiest way to keep track of what you should do next to grow your business. It provides tasks that are based on the best practices of our most successful Distributors. Once a task is completed, it automatically updates itself but you can also add your own tasks to the list.



Business Activity - Stay informed!


Business Activity allows you to see the most up-to-date information regarding your organisation with a single glance. It includes information such as, sponsored Distributors’ purchases, ADR, orders, new sign-ups, pin advancements, birthdays as well as market communications.




My Support - Stay in contact!


My Support provides the best contact information to reach your upline executive, as well as Distributor support here at Nu Skin®. You are always within reach of someone who is eagerly waiting to help you achieve your dreams.




Navigator Snapshot – Consult your V&G!

Navigator Snapshot is the perfect complement to the power of Navigator (V&G) and will help you stay easily in touch with your volumes and genealogy. This widget provides a view of My Scorecard alongside your other Dashboard information, and allows you to link over to full details in Navigator (V&G.)



Editorials – Your Office tour guide!


Simple and easy to read, the editorial content is great for creating awareness on the different support tools that are available to you. It will also help guide you on how to use the Library, what to find on it and give you information on how to LEARN, BUILD, LEAD and INSPIRE others.



Library – Find all documents you need!

Library for Office is designed around simplification so that you can spend less time looking for information and more time growing your business.

We combined everything into a single place and made items easy to find through a search tool that lets you narrow down content by language, market, asset type (Video, PDF, Image and PowerPoint), brand (Nu Skin® or Pharmanex®), and category (Forms, Training, Presentations, Business Material, …).



Mobile* – Your Office on the go!

Office for Mobile brings the most important features of Office into a native mobile app and syncs with your Web version for use while you are on-the-go. Now you will have all of your most crucial business information at your fingertips wherever, whenever.



* The Mobile Office is available for iPhone only.