What can the Scanner do for my business?

New customer? Sign up today!
New customer? Sign up today!

What can the Scanner do for my business?

Time and time again since its launch in 2003, the Scanner has proven to be a phenomenal business building tool. Are you ready? Here's the perfect opportunity to define your own formula for success.

Recurring monthly revenue
By combining daily LifePak+ and JVi consumption with regular BioPhotonic Scanner scans, distributors and consumers can see for themselves how Pharmanex™ SCS-Certified products are improving their carotenoid antioxidant levels.

That proof will help motivate consumers to continue using LifePak+ and other SCS-Certified products that offer continued antioxidant protection.

LifePakand JVi sales
Studies show that LifePak+ not only increases carotenoid levels, but also has an impact on overall antioxidant levels. JVi has also been shown to strengthen the body's antioxidant protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage. Thanks to the Scanner, LifePak+ and JVi users have proof that their supplementation really works-guaranteed.

The scanner provides an excellent opportunity to introduce consumers to LifePak+ and JVi, prove that these products really work, and create loyal customers.

Become a Scanner operator
Because of its ability to prove the effectiveness of Pharmanex's products and create long-term recurring revenue, the award-winning Scanner represents a world-class business opportunity. Contact your account manager to learn more about becoming a Scanner operator, or call your local Nu Skin office.




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