Tóth Cecília & Bihari Ádám

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Tóth Cecília & Bihari Ádám


1. How did you qualify for the Go Double Leadership Incentive?
We helped our business partner to becom  Ruby

2. How many people did you talk to each day to get you here?
We have talked to 3 people per day, in average.

3. What were your goals leading up to this achievement?
Our goal was to help my business partner to achieve Ruby title so she can fulfill her childhood dream.

4. What is your next step?  What new goals have you set?
our next goal is to have more Ruby Executives in our downlines, and this Ruby to achieve higher titles.

5. What is your favorite motivational quote?

If you can dream it, you can also do it! So dream!

6. If you could tell others one thing to help them to achieve the Go Double Leadership Incentive, what would it be?
 Message to downline: Find your dreams and start working to achieve it!