Orianne Occelli

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Orianne Occelli


1. I managed to qualify for the Go Double Programme by supporting one of my first-level partners who shows a lot of motivation and commitment.


She was a Lapis in October 2010 during the Convention in Copenhagen which she attended. By demonstrating determination and working together daily, she reached the Ruby title. Congratulations to her for all her hard work, she will recognize herself!  


2. This was truly a team work, so it’s difficult to give an exact figure. However, we had a lot of appointments together with her whole team and also separately to achieve this result.


3. I still have my goals in mind because I'd like one of my front-line Gold Executives to achieve the Ruby title before the end of the challenge. This would be a great achievement for her and for me.


4. The next step is to achieve the Emerald title before the end of Summer... i.e. by August 31, 2011, and to go to the Convention in Salt Lake City together with as many Executives and Distributors as possible... because that kind of event empowers your business and gives motivation to each team member.


5. My favorite quote is: “To have what you’ve never had, you have to be determined to do what you've never done”.


6. PERSEVERE!!!! and work as a team.

The team will also help you persevere and vice-versa, when you truly believe in your dreams, you can reach high even if the way seems to be winding!!!!


7. It's around €750... so I have several ideas... that money could help me to pay a part of my flight ticket to Salt Lake City... and to open a bottle of champagne with my team to drink to our success !!!